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Master Your Energy. Maser Your Life.™
The universe is made up of 99.9% energy and only 0.1% matter. You’re part of the universe so you’re energy as well. Your energetic signature attracts people and experiences like a magnet. The most powerful way to create change is to adjust your energy so that you are a match to your dreams. I help you change your energy so you can BE the grand version of you in all areas of your life.

My Mission

Help you realign with your soul’s blueprint and divine gifts so you can break free from the stereotypical life and manifest a radiant life of purpose, freedom, and abundance.

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Little Secrets

I love science-fiction movies, cuddles from my dog Mojo and uncovering the mysteries of life.
I'm an admirer of the magic, humor and beauty of life, a fierce spiritual warrior and channel for the infinite intelligence of the Cosmos.

Corporate Director to Spiritual Mentor

Sharon Kirstin is the Bestselling Author of The Answers Within – Find Your Soul Purpose and Ignite Your Hidden Superpowers, Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Master.

Sharon built and lead the Website & Mobile Usability department for one of the world’s most successful startups ranking #5 in The Wall Street Journal’s “Billion Dollar Startup Club” 2014.

Prompted by her spiritual awakening she started her own business following her calling to guide seekers to their true spiritual power and make a real difference in other’s lives.

In an out-of-body experience she received enlightening visions and the empowering message: “You created this life. You can create differently.”

Now Sharon teaches how to find your soul purpose and master your energy as well as mindset to become a potent cocreator with the universe and call in the life of your dreams.

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Sharon Kirstin

-  Bestselling Author, Life Coach, Energy Consultant.

I take my clients from stuck to buzzing in record timing. With my psychic gifts I help you transcend the three-dimensional view of life and open your awareness to mystical dimensions of existence.

I teach you how to master your energy so that you supercharge your electromagnetic field and with it manifest the intentions of your dream life with strength and clarity.

I also initiate you to realign with your soul’s true essence, wisdom, and power. Reattuned to your cosmic life force, you are ready to create an authentic and successful life on your own terms.

You have the potential to make a bigger impact by expressing your soul’s true purpose in life and business. Let me help you get there faster.

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