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Master Your Energy. Maser Your Life.™
The universe is made up of 99.9% energy and only 0.1% matter. You’re part of the universe so you’re energy as well. Your energetic signature attracts people and experiences like a magnet. The most powerful way to create change is to adjust your energy so that you are a match to your dreams. I help you change your energy so you can BE the grand version of you in all areas of your life.

My Mission

Ready to quit the glorified hustle? I help you create your best life through inner alignment with your true self and teach you how to use the powerful laws of the universe to reach your goals faster.

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Little Secrets

I love science-fiction movies, cuddles from my dog Mojo and uncovering the mysteries of life.
I've traveled to 21 countries. I always won 1st prize as a child. I called hotels in Beijing from a phone booth (remember those?) with pre-paid phone cards night after night until I secured my Management Traineeship in college. I played the piano for 7 years when I was young. I wrote my book "The Answers Within" in 2 weeks straight. I'm a guacamole and acai bowl aficionado. And lately I'm crazy inspired by the art of tantra.

Sharon Kirstin

– Bestselling Author, Success Coach

Sharon Kirstin a Success Coach and best selling author of The Answers Within – Find Your Soul Purpose and Ignite Your Hidden Superpowers.”

Sharon built and lead the Website & Mobile Usability department for Europe’s most successful e-commerce company ranking #5 in The Wall Street Journal’s “Billion Dollar Startup Club” 2014.

Despite her success, the corporate hustle left her feeling unfulfilled, while her inner calling to awaken others to their full potential got louder. In search for answers, she experienced an out-of-body awakening during meditation in the Himalayas where she received the message, “You created this life. You can create differently.”

Now she’s on a mission to share her innovative expertise on how you can transform your life and business from within.  

When you transform your inner world, your outer world changes. Sharon teaches you how to release barriers to your greatness, redesign your energy blueprint and harness the innate power of the universal laws to manifest your dreams. This unlocks a state of flow where you align with limitless energy and your next level of fulfillment, abundance, and impact.

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