Identifying Your Greatness


If you find yourself unclear of what greatness means to you:

  1. Awareness:
    Get aware of where you might be trying to achieve someone else’s success instead of walking your own path. Greatness is not a general destination, but it is your highest expression of your unique gifts. A great question to identify your road to greatness is to ask: Who and how can I best serve? Maybe sit with this for some time and let it sink in until you feel the answer (not only know logically).
  2. Anchor:
    Once you know and feel what it is that brings you passion and lights you up, you have a great anchor that can pull you along to bring forth more and more greatness on your path. It will be the big “why” you are walking down a path that’s uncomfortable at times, but so rewarding.
  3. Talents:
    What are your biggest strengths and talents? Knowing what you’re naturally good at will be a great guide to traveling your path to greatness. Your path is 100% unique, although it may take you to the same heights that your idols & mentors are already at.
  4. Make a difference:
    Once you’ve identified your talents and you’ve decided to advance your skills in these area, you’ll be able to use them to make a big difference in your life. Choose to COMMIT, so that you can make a difference in your life and in the life of others.
  5. Forgiveness:
    Don’t underestimate the power old beliefs, habits, fears and worries. Forgive yourself for buying into certain beliefs that kept you small until now. Let go of anything that no longer serves you, forgive anybody (including yourself) who has wronged you and take a bold step forward into your dream life and business.

What can you do today to rise to the next level of greatness?
I hope this video and summary serves you.

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