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“Master Your Energy, Master Your Life” is the magnetizing message of the bestselling author Sharon Kirstin who helps creatives, change-makers, and visionaries unlock their next level of success by:

  • gaining crystal clarity on their vision, mission, and purpose
  • revealing and releasing limiting beliefs that create barriers to success
  • creating success habits and routines as the vehicle to reach their next level of authentic expression
  • utilizing the universal laws to shortcut success through synchronistic opportunities

In the last few years, she has turned her passion into a thriving online business. However, she was a career junkie once; Sharon spent years building the Web and Mobile Innovations Department for Europe’s most successful e-commerce company that ranked #5 in The Wall Street Journal’s “Billion Dollar Startup Club” in 2014.

Despite her success, the corporate hustle left her feeling unfulfilled, while her inner calling to awaken others to their full potential got louder. In search for answers, she experienced an out-of-body awakening in meditation in the Himalayas where she received the message, “You created this life. You can create differently.” Now she’s on a mission to share her innovative expertise on how you can transform your life and business from within.  

When you transform your inner world, your outer world changes. Sharon teaches you how to release barriers to your greatness, redesign your energy blueprint and harness the innate power of the universal laws to manifest your dreams. This unlocks a state of flow where you align with limitless energy and your next level of fulfillment, abundance, and impact.

Through her work as an influential expert in the field of mindset, manifestation, and energy mastery, she has impacted the lives of thousands of people via one-on-one coaching and online courses such as Design Your Life, Self-Love Alchemy, and The Manifestation Map.

Her success has led to several interviews on German television (Astro TV) as well as articles published in acclaimed international media such as, the Huffington Post and prominent online magazines like The Daily Guru and Sivana East.



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Book Title:  The Answers Within – Find Your Soul Purpose & Ignite Your Hidden Superpowers

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