I still remember the moment that I sat down in a room of people. We all had gathered for a training where we’d learn how to use the power of the angels to heal ourselves and others. I looked around the room quite detached and thought to myself “Soooo, this is what people look like that believe in angels.” I must admit until then I loved the thought of being physic and that there is something out there all-knowing, all-loving and complete bliss – like I learned in my Yoga Teacher Training. But I only had one time during meditation where I felt the veil of this physical world drop and I connected to something deeper, more powerful and peaceful. The feeling was amazing. It was the answer I was searching for.

Flashback – before I started my coaching business empowering women to follow their unique path to abundance and happiness, I was one of them. I had a great title, high income, all the comforts one can dream of and I still felt empty inside.

All I was connected to was a nagging feeling of having meaningless todo’s and the constant craving for more. The “more” was undefined, not palpable, blurry.

I must admit it was a process. In the beginning going out partying and needing half a day to recuperate just didn’t seem that appealing anymore, then realizing I needed the whole weekend to gain strength for another 55 hour work week, feeling depleted and anxious, always trying to compensate for the stress I put on my body. I was in a cycle of creating the perfect job, body and life that society and the media told me to have. I played happy, but my soul was screaming.

That’s when I decided that I could just try and see what this angel training is about. My mantra is “Throw everything at it and see what will work”. So, I tried and am still trying everything that will accelerate me on my path to complete transcendence and bliss.

What happened back then in that training was out of this world. I got in touch with my intuition, my intuitive feelings and my clear channels. I have been wanting to be able to read minds and send power from the palms of my hands, ever since I was a kid. Of course, inspired by comics and fantasy movies, yet I always longed for it to be true.

This is the key takeaway that the tough business woman inside of me learned, as she decided to take a leap of faith and go to a “woo woo event”:

Miracles happen when you take action outside your comfort zone. (Tweet this!)

Bonus learnings are:

  • Your true gifts and limitless strength may be dormant, but always there.
  • There is nothing to be afraid of – the Universe has your back. Always.
  • The supportive power of the angels is far greater than any of us can imagine
  • Angels can only help, if you ask them to. You have your free will, you know.
  • You are much wiser than you think. You can connect to the infinite wisdom at any point in time. You just need to practice this connection to make it clearer.
  • Your intuition is the key to receiving divine guidance, healing, happiness and anything else you wish for.

My clients often come to me because they feel blocked and disconnected from their gifts. They don’t know what next steps will take them to manifest their desires. I love clearing their energies, healing past and present lives, teaching them about the law of attraction and channeling what their gifts and purpose are.

I know how I felt back then in that room, where I was so desperate that I would’ve tried anything to fill my life with more meaning and healing. I am glad I can give a shortcut now to many years of learning and studying. Needless to say I went on to two more trainings to learn healing from and with the angels.

Tell me- when did you get out of your comfort zone the last time? If you feel stuck, it’s mainly because you love sticking around what is known to you. But thinking back in your life – when did ever something truly amazing happen where you did not leave your comfort zone? Training new muscles is hard in the beginning, but with practice you become an expert.

Instead of being experts in our fears, how about we devote ourselves to becoming experts in stepping out of our comfort zone and creating miracle after miracle? What’s your choice today?

With much love,

Photo Credit: Julia Caesar

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