11 Morning Rituals for Spiritual Rockstars

I recently added a new morning ritual to my queue and I love it!

Do you have a morning routine to set you up for success? Ok ok, I am not talking about coffee. There is something even better and if coffee is your only answer, then listen closely! Maybe even pick at least one that you will try over the course of the next week.
Remember, out of your comfort zone = magic!

  1. Visualization:
    The thing about visualization is that it doesn’t work – IF you are just looking a pictures. The pictures need to inspire you so deeply, that you FEEL relief, wellbeing or whatever it is you would feel, once you acquire it. I started a Pinterest board with all the things I desire for my future. I take time in the morning to connect with this future. I simply enjoy looking at the pictures and dreaming of what is yet to come. I set really straight why I am working today and I’m already thankful for the pure awesomeness coming my way.
  2. Physical Exercise:
    One of my all time favorites. I have done this as long as I can imagine, which doesn’t mean I dedicate time to a hardcore workout every morning. I love exercising, but I understand not everybody does. Yet, doing some yoga asanas and stretches already makes a big difference in coming back into your body and grounding yourself. My body feels more alive when I work out in the morning and I generally feel a lot better.
  3. Meditation:
    Oh yes, everybody talks about it nowadays. And I think they are right! Meditation has many positive effects, such as increasing concentration, reducing stress hormones in your body and opening your channels to listen to Spirit’s voice. I like to have a short meditation in the morning to center myself and open up to guidance that I will need for the day.
  4. Oracle Cards:
    As you may know, I love Oracle Cards. Ever since I learned how to read them, I have been using them to get direction. Your day is just as powerful as your intentions for it, so I get my dose of direction right upon waking up and listen to what additional messages I need to know.
  5. Journaling:
    There are two types of journaling. One to digest and to get inspired. And the other one (again) to set yourself up for success. You target your exercise at putting down all the things that you long to achieve. Remember, what you focus your attention on grows. So focus on what you desire and let it take room in your life. The most successful people are crystal clear about their goals and they remind themselves all the time to stay on track.
  6. To Do List:
    Preferably you do this one day or evening before, because knowing what you want to do today, will let you manage your time without stressing out. You know when to get up, what your priorities are and how much spare time you have to get lost on Facebook. Plus, you will have a sense of achievement and maybe you’ll be off early today.
  7. Prayer:
    Say a little prayer to get additional help from Spirit to manifest the best possible experiences today. Angels, for example, can’t help unless you ask them to. Don’t forget to ask.
  8. Pranayama/Breath Work:
    The breath is our life force. Working with our life force to energize doesn’t seem so far off, right? In my Yoga Teacher Training I learned all sorts of breathing techniques that are wonderful to balance the brain hemispheres, to calm or to energize. Breath of fire is a great example of an energizing breathing technique.
  9. Clearing:
    This is a must for me and I usually start my meditation with a thorough chakra cleanse. You go take a shower in the morning, right? Why not clean your energy and start fresh as well. It makes a huge difference!
  10. Read a passage in an uplifting book:
    Of course what comes to my mind first is “A course in miracles”. You can even choose to practice a new idea that it provides every day to slowly shift your mind towards allowing more miracles into your life. Yet, any book that is inspiring and uplifting to you will be great!
  11. Listen to uplifting music:
    The easiest way to infuse a mood is music. On the wings of music you can remember things, you can dream of the future, you can party, you can heal or you can simply uplift yourself. At some point when working with affirmations I thought – why can’t they be music? Then I would automatically sing them over and over all day! Well, I stumbled over Karen Drucker and all that her music is, is affirmations. If you’d like to check her out, I put together a playlist on Spotify, ready packed with uplifting music for any time of your day, actually: Sharon Kirstin’s Spotify Affirmative Music Playlist 

These are my morning ritual ideas for you! I’m not saying jump from no morning ritual to 11 at once, but try out those that resonate and see what feels good to you. You can even choose one for each day of the week. You’ll keep those that make you feel expansive, fresh and full of energy, drop the rest. 

Now, I’d like to hear from you! What morning rituals do you have? Which one resonates with you? Will you try something new? I LOVE reading your comments – looking forward to some more inspiration!

With much love,


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