How can you get the drive, motivation and vision to create your business?

When you listen to the breakthrough stories of many successful entrepreneurs they always tell some form of hero’s journey: they had to break down to break through.

The were so low, so out of money, so miserable that they made change and taking action a MUST. They decided that what they are experiencing in that moment, is not going to be their reality for long.

You don’t have to wait until you reach a low point, run out of funds or lose your health.

Let me share with you 3 Tips on how you can stop the cycle of resistance and break through to your next level, even though you may still be comfortable in your mediocrity (yes, I believe you’re made for even bigger things):

  1. Make the pain of not changing big enough (NOT in video – MUST READ!)
    There are only two reason why humans act: to gain pleasure or to avoid pain. Probably you’re not moving ahead because the pain of being stagnant is not big enough and the vision of your dream is too intangible and big to motivate you. List out all the things that won’t work out in your life and lead to unhappiness, if you DON’T change TODAY. Even a small change that you incorporate as a ritual from now on will create energetic momentum and lead to big change down the road. For instance you could start reciting the mantra “I am ready to take action” for 2×2 minutes a day. That’s not much, right? Do it consistently and see your life change!
  2. Get crystal clear on what you want
    In order to create the success, fulfillment, achievement and happiness you desire you have to be honest with yourself. What is it that you TRULY want? Get crystal clear on your goals so that you don’t have to manifest back and forth trying to get it right. Make your goal tangible. Don’t let fear of not achieving what you desire hold you back and play way too small. The clearer you are on your intention and goal the faster you can call in the guidance and resources to manifest it
  3. Determine why you desire it
    What’s the underlying emotion and need that wants to be met? Start feeling this emotion every day by incorporating activities, affirmations and people in your life that already make you feel that way. Connect with the future version of yourself and let her guide you.
  4. Start with the biggest task, FIRST
    If you want to create momentum in your business, then don’t get busy with unimportant tasks. High achievers and people who make things happen start with the biggest task in the beginning of the day. Get clear on your tasks for the next day in the evening before. Visualize yourself in the morning having achieved your big tasks, feel it and then go and do it. Prime yourself to success!

Set the intention today to take action on your dreams and then go and DO IT. Don’t overthink it. Show up for yourself, your mission and purpose!

Now I’d like to hear from you – does this resonate with you? What can you do today or this week that will create momentum towards your goals? Share in the comments below!

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