4 Business Super Powers of Empaths


You’re a giver – you sense other’s people’s needs and are happy to alleviate their problems.
You realize other’s just wanted to pick your brain, but not give back to you, when it’s too late.
You often feel uncomfortable going out to networking events, because it feels overwhelming. You need to ‘recover’ from that, with some good old alone time.
Well – Hello, Empath!

Being an empath can be a gift or a curse, depending how well you know how to manage yourself. Here are few tips on how get the most out of your empath super powers:

  1. Super Power #1: Sense intentions
    Being an expert in your field calls in wonderfully supportive people and you’ll be able to share an uplifting partnership with them. Yet, the brighter your light, the more moths will be drawn to your light. They want a piece of you, your energy, your connections or knowledge. Train yourself to feel into the other persons demand on your time and energy. Ask yourself whether this will be uplifting for you as well or is the other person just trying to take from you. You have the ability to know what’s right. Always follow your gut feelings. Your gut is right. Always.
  2. Super Power #2: Hiring Staff
    There are many determining factors to hiring a person, even if it’s ‘only’ a freelancer. Their energy will transport into your business. You have the ability to  feel who’d be a great fit for your business and who’s energy if ‘off’. Only hire people who will infuse the same level of vibration into your business, so that you business can further thrive.
  3. Super Power #3: Managing Your Energy
    You are not a victim of your sensitivity. Used right, it will give you an unfair advantage over others. ;) Let me give you a few tips on how to manage your energy, so that it’s comfortable for you to interact freely also in situations with a lot of people.
    – Call in your aura: When you are at home, your aura is most likely very expansive. Yet, when you leave your home, people will walk through your aura, which is extremely uncomfortable for you, because you sense their feelings and thoughts. Before leaving your place, set the intention to call in your aura so that it’s close to your body. I do this by breathing in and while breathing in I’m drawing my aura closer and closer to my body, locking it when I feel it’s appropriate.
    – Close your chakras: Open chakras facilitate your higher senses and give you much psychic information. As an empath you are intuitively getting messages all the time. Know that you can control this as well. Close them through intention and let them close like flowers are closing their leaves. Like a reverse blooming process. Know that you can also open just one chakra, for example your third eye, if you’d like to inquire about a person or situation.
  4. Super Power #4: Talking to your Audience
    It’s normal for you to feel yourself into others. This is crucial when you build your ideal customer avatar and narrow down your audience. It’s advised to create one avatar that will symbolize your whole audience. This is your perfect customer. As an empath it is easy for you to step into his/her shoes and know what their problems, struggles, hopes and dreams. This empowers you to create copy that is to the point and engaging for your audience. Always write or speak as if you are talking to this one person. Feel into his/her energy and speak from the heart. This is home turf for you!

Are you an empath? Could you identify traces of yourself in this episode? How do you deal with your sensitivity and use it to super charge your business? Share your wealth of wisdom in the comments below. I love reading from you!

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