3 Mindset Hacks to Attract Your Manifestations

3 Mindset Hacks to Rapidly Attract Your Manifestations

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Your thoughts influence your emotions and thus your behaviors. That’s why it’s so important to keep a mental hygiene that rather attracts your manifestations instead of repelling them.

Manifesting is a very personal process that needs your awareness. If you’re not mindful of what you’re thinking, feeling and how you’re behaving as a results of this, then you might fall victim to your own mindset and sabotage your own manifestations without even knowing it.

  1. Envy: Now, I know you won’t admit that you might envy the success of others. After all you wish them well and you are happy to see others thrive. You know that they are a symbol for that you’re desired success is achievable, too. Okay, I get that and you’re wonderful for being so conscious to think this way. Yet, no one is prone to feeling a bit of envy at times. Usually it creeps up on us, when we are unguarded and vulnerable. In those moments when we’ve experienced a setback or are going through a challenging time. And then on our Facebook feed some post pops up that shows us a person that has all that we want. They’ve achieved it already and it feels like we’re lost in nirvana trying to get there.
    Do you know what envy really says: I do not believe or trust that my manifestation is already on its way to me.
    Let that sink in. When you feel resentment that others already have what you want, then you are actively repelling your manifestation.
  2. Negative talk: What’s the story you’re telling yourself and others? Do you make yourself the victim or the creator? Do you even realize what your thoughts are focused on? Do you search for proof that your manifestation is coming to you or are you looking for proof that it’s not coming? Repeating in your mind that it’s not there, not seeing how it may even come to you and feeling desperate, are sure ways to keep it away. Start looking for proof that it’s already coming to you. Your focus is the key – what you focus on grows. Focus on looking for signs, that it’s coming.
  3. Control: Ah, don’t we all love ourselves a bit of perfectionism? Do you also like planning and keeping all the balls up in the air? You’re used to taking care of things, right? Then this will be new to you: the Universe knows you better than you know yourself. The Universe sees the big picture and can bring you exactly what will be to your highest good. It doesn’t need any instructions from you on how it needs to this exactly and when. It knows how to get it to you. All you need to do is stop telling the Universe how you’d like to receive it. Then you’re open to receiving miracles.

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