3 Potential Karmic Blocks for your Business

3 Potential Karmic Blocks for your Business

As a spiritual business owner you see yourself holistically and you know that your existence is not limited to your current lifetime. Maybe you’ve had past life regressions where you’ve seen past lives, maybe you remember past life memories or you simply have a knowing that this is true.

The big questions is: if you’ve lived before, might karma from other lives sabotage or at least influence your business success right now?

Obviously there is no general answer to this question, because it’s very personal. Yet, I’ve been getting this question from my clients and today I’d like to give you a few ideas on how you can identify past life influences.

First off – what is karma? I’d like to define it for our discussion now as: experiences and beliefs from past lives that are still actively influencing our behaviors and beliefs in this life.

#1: Untraceable beliefs
I’m talking about beliefs that you can’t trace back to a conditioning or experience in this life. I had for example the belief “If I’m not excellent at it, then I won’t even try.” I had repeated this out loud so many times in my life and it felt like it’s just who I am. When I saw me in the past life where the belief originated, it finally clicked: I don’t need this anymore, it’s time to let it go.
Do you have certain beliefs or behaviors that you’ve just always thought to be true and relevant?

#2: Buried talents
Many of my clients have used their gifts and talents in past lives. Not all of those lives their talents were acknowledged or praised. Many took guilt, blame, ridicule for expressing their talents and therefore chose that it’s safer not to express them publicly. They may be buried so deep that even now it’s hard for you to know what your talents and/or accept them.
Do you have any talents that you discount or think are not worth pursuing? You may put a whole new spin to an ordinary topic, if you open up to incorporate your gifts again.

#3: Visibility blocks
To take it a step further, I have also seen many clients who have died for the cause they believed in. They have fought sometimes many lifetimes and have eventually chosen that it’s not worth the pain. Many have been killed for stepping into the light and fulfilling their role as a leader. This can be a strong memory that prevents you from stepping into the spotlight in this life as well.
Do you have the wish to be the leader and show yourself fully, but feel like you are blocked and fearful in some way? This may be a sign that these past experiences still influence you now.

Close your eyes right now, take a deep breath, center. Ask that you be connected to your higher self and the infinite wisdom of your soul. Now ask to get ideas, images, feelings that will give you insights on one or all of the above mentioned karmic influences. Is one of these active for you? Relax and let any insight rise to the surface of your consciousness. Then ask how you can release it and follow the insights you receive then.

What are your experiences? Comment below if you have any questions or insights that you’d like to share. I always love hearing from you!

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