5 Benefits Of Not Taking Yourself Seriously

The other day I found myself obsessing over creating an online product for you. I desire to build something amazing and super helpful for you, so I was putting all this pressure on me to be fast, efficient, thorough and nothing less than perfect. This lead to fears, anxiety and stress. When I realized what I’m doing to myself, I started softening around this topic and I could hear my guidance speak loud and clear.

“Lighten up! Life is supposed to be fun, don’t take it so seriously!”

I instantly remembered the question one of my spiritual teachers asked me: “Tell me, when you are at the movies and there’s a fire in the movie. Do you run outside to get buckets of water? No, you sit back and enjoy the show. Your life is no different. Don’t panic, keep some distance to what is happening and you will see (understand) more clearly.”

As simple as this message is, it is extremely powerful. It invokes the question:
What would you do today, if you saw your life like a movie and you’d be more detached from the outcome?

  1. You wouldn’t TRY to control every single thing and you wouldn’t think you CAN: You can’t stop the movie from playing, no buckets of water will stop the fire. Which doesn’t mean that I believe you can’t take action and change your life. I am a big believer in that. But it would be wise to choose what you can influence. If you pick our battles wisely, you can focus our energy efficiently.
  2. You’d be in a softer state of mind: You’d be able to allow things to happen. Being receptive is one of the keys to manifesting big time!
  3. You’d have more courage: Nothing to loose, right? Just imagine the endless opportunities that open up if you didn’t care about failing!
  4. You’d have more fun: Anything is possible, there is no price to pay. Plus, you get to do it in a joyous and exciting way. No heaviness, no doubt, no fears.
  5. You’d manifest miracles: Miracles happen once we understand and accept that there is a power greater than our own. When we trust and ask for this guidance, yet continue walking our path with joy.

Of course you will always give your best! This exercise is about detaching from the outcome and not stepping back from taking inspired action. Just remember – angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.

Affirmation: I take my tasks lightly, as I know that my purpose supports me fully.

Did you harden around a topic in your life lately? Where could you lighten up, and not take yourself and your life so seriously? Leave a comment below so that we can all share our experiences! I LOVE to read from you!

So, invite the help of the angels and of your spirit guidance. Soften, let go and make room for the miracles to manifest.

Wishing you a beautiful, light-hearted and open-to-miracles week!
All my love,

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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