5 Tips on How to Make Manifesting a Lifestyle

5 Tips on How to Make Manifesting Part of Your Lifestyle


Whether you know it or not – you are always manifesting. You can not NOT manifest.

That’s why anything you have created in your life, anything that’s part of your reality, is your creation. You’ve attracted it.

Making manifesting part of your lifestyle really means being a CONSCIOUS manifestor. Compared to all the subconscious manifestations that you’re attracting.

So, how can you do that?

  1. Become a student: Learn the principles of manifesting
  2. Practice manifesting principles: Manifesting is your divine right and ability, but that doesn’t mean you are born skillful at it.
  3. Find your unique way on how to use these principles: You can learn the manifesting process, like I teach in my new course “The Manifestation Map”, but you will need to find your unique way of applying it into your life. You’ll notice how it feels to be in the flow vs. resisting.
  4. Start small: If you’re not yet skilled to manifest anything you desire, you can either join my course “The Manifestation Map” and learn how to manifest your big goals, or you’ll start with smaller manifestations that you feel no resistance to and are already aligned with.
  5. Ask and let go: You’ll know you’ve made manifesting part of your lifestyle, when it comes so naturally, that you think or say things like “Dear Universe, please help me create [insert desire] or something better. {Then you feel having this and send your gratefulness and joy to it} Thank you.” You forget about it, because you trust that it’s done and it will come to you in divine timing.

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