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Hi. My name is Sharon Kirstin. I’m the best-selling author of a book called The Answers Within, and in this video, I would like to share with you some intricate details about your brain, how it works and how you can use this information to reprogram your mind to reach your next level in life, in business, and to make your dreams come true.

As you know, I know you know this, but do the same thing over and over again, and you get the same results.

In order to get new results, change your life, and create something new in your life, you need to make new choices.

You need to act a new way, and your prefrontal brain can help you with that. The prefrontal brain can give you new ideas on how to act and behave in situations that have never been there before. It helps you to be creative and come up with solutions and choices that support you in creating new outcomes, but usually, what we do is we act from the neo-limbic brain, so let’s talk about the neo-limbic part of your brain.

This is the part of your brain that you use most often. It’s just on. This is like where you function on autopilot. Your neo-limbic brain looks at your environment, in the situations that you’re in, and it draws conclusions from past event and basically gives you references on how to act now based on past data. That’s what it does. It looks at what have we done in the past, what are all the experiences, what are all the references that I can draw out from this file system that I can give you right now so that you can efficiently navigate the situation with minimum energy and effort, because that’s just the brain, the part of your brain that is on automatically, but because we are conscious beings, we can choose from which part of our brain to act from.

Here are five action steps that I can recommend for you when you realize that you are acting from your neo-limbic brain and you’re going in drama mode, and your mind chatter is saying, “This is not safe. You can’t do it. It’s never been done before. Who are you even to try to do this?” Do these five things and leave a comment below how this worked for you because I am really curious.

Number one.

Realize what’s going on. Infuse consciousness into the situation. Consciousness is power. That is your power. You have the option to transcend the situation. Realize that your neo-limbic brain is running the show. Just realize, “Okay, this is autopilot mode. Do I want to live my life on autopilot, only drawing conclusions from whatever has happened before and projecting that into the future, or do I want to be a conscious creator of my reality and use my prefrontal brain in order to create new solutions that are creative and adaptive to the new results that I want?” Consciousness. Powerful.

Number two, breathe.

Breathe a few deep breaths to give your nervous system a little bit of relaxation because probably in this moment, you’re already stressing out. You’re stressing out. Mind chatter has taken over. Breathe, and give yourself a moment to come to a point of, well, at least a little bit of inner peace.

Number three is to detach from that program because you are not that program, and you are not your neo-limbic brain. You are not your past experiences. That’s not your identity. I know we like to make it our identity, but it’s really not because as I’ve just told you, you can choose differently every moment of the day. You can choose to act from a different part of your brain. Make conscious, creative, adaptive choices to situations and just transcend whatever has been. Detach from what’s going on. It’s not you.

Number four.

I would like you to command your consciousness to move from the neo-limbic brain into the prefrontal part of your brain, and just to consciously visualize this and to feel your energy change from reactive and resistant neo-limbic brain to creative and adaptive prefrontal brain. Feel the energy shift in your body, and just know that by simply setting the command, that your consciousness shifts from that part of your brain to the other part of your brain where all the solutions are from resistant to creative, from there is no way I can do this to let’s find a way to do this. It’s fun. It’s exciting to explore. Just feel that shift within you.

Number five is to sit quietly. Some people may call this meditation, so just sit quietly the question, what is the best next step for me to get my goal? See what answers come to you. Visualize your consciousness, the prefrontal part of your brain, and allow your heart to be open, your mind to be open, and just let ideas drop into you. Realize what ideas come to you, and let it be okay. Explore them. Be creative. Be adaptive, and know that creative and adaptive is accessible to you at any moment in time when you choose to do so. It is accessible.


A few last thoughts. Just because you are going to make a choice now from your prefrontal brain, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be the perfect choice. Please don’t ever strive for perfection because good or bad is not what the universe perceives. For the universe, there is no good or bad. For the universe, there is only progress, so, know that the choice that you’re going to make is going to be more empowered, and it is going to lead you closer to your result, but don’t expect it to be the end-all, be-all, but staying that mindset and just allow yourself to explore and say yes to life and to allow yourself to expand in this way. Expand yourself. Expand your personality.

If you liked this video, and if it was helpful to you, leave a comment below. I want to know how this exercise, these five steps really helped you to shift your mindset and to get you back on track to find creative, adaptive solutions for you to move towards your goals and dreams. Also, please subscribe to my channel. If you would like to get some free gifts, check the links below this video where I always give you awesome free tools, and exercises and training videos that help you and support you really up-leveling your life, reaching that next level of expression, and finally making your dreams come true.

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