7 Signs You Are Detouring From Your Life Purpose

“Why am I here? What’s the purpose of this life? Do I personally serve a purpose? What might it be? What’s my worth?” 

These fundamental questions arise once we leave the fun and play zone of our lives. Not everybody gets there, but if you’ve ever asked yourself this, it is a good sign that you truly are here to serve a purpose.
And the good news: As much as you are (subconsciously) seeking this purpose, this purpose is also seeking you.

So, let’s dig a little deeper. Let’s find out how close or far you are currently from serving your purpose. Are you detouring from your life purpose?

  1. Vision
    When you know your purpose, you have a vision. A vision of a better future. You start dreaming and crafting how this world could be different. You have a deep desire to leave an imprint. If you have never taken the time to get clear on your priorities in this life, it is likely you have never taken the time to actually get to know yourself on a deeper level.
    Ask yourself: Do you have a vision or do you just live day by day?
    What will you be remembered for? What will be your legacy once you are gone?
  2. Desire to Serve
    The desire to give to others, goes along with the knowledge of what is close to your heart. Once you have realized what your gifts are and you are ready and willing to give them to the world, this desire grows.
    Ask yourself: Is there any area of your life where you feel like you can give to others? May it be education, inspiration, support, you name it. What did you already love to do as a kid? What did you want to be, when you grow up and why? What is your burning desire? What can you preach about for hours?
  3. Passion
    This is such a good indicator on whether you are en route: do you feel a burning passion inside of you to get up in the morning and do your work? Do you feel you are making a difference with what you do? Or are you just working to get by?
    Ask yourself: The great reward that goes along with following your passion is that you have a sense of fulfillment at the end of the day. Do you feel this?
  4. Synchronicity
    Synchronicity or miracles happen naturally when you are in the flow with the Universe. It is the result of vibrating at the resonance of what you seek to create. The Universe supports you always. Your path feels light, guided and supported.
    Ask yourself: Is what you are creating and doing hard work? Does it feel like you have to push forward with your own strength all the time?
  5. Energy Levels
    When you follow your purpose what happens naturally, is that you enjoy the process. What you do lights you up. You feel inspired and full of creativity. Your energy levels increase and carry you.
    Ask yourself: Does your work light you up? Does it supply you with energy instead of draining your energy?
  6. Love
    Your heart is open to give and receive love. You love what you do, it fuels your motivation and you are able to spread this love to the people you meet.
    Ask yourself: What is your predominant attitude? Are you open, loving and kind? Or do you feel like the world is against you and you need to protect yourself?
  7. Happiness
    Quite simple, yet often we lie to ourselves. What I hear is “Oh well, you know, there are people who have it much worse than me. Yes, I’m happy.” This answer reveals that you wish for more, but you settled for what you’ve achieved.
    Ask yourself: Be honest – are you 100% happy with the path you are following? Or is there still room for you to grow, give and feel even happier?
    Tip: Honest gratefulness is a wonderful tool to increase your happiness and open yourself up to receive even more of what you desire.

You might have buried your dreams, gifts and passion deep inside of you. Your life got in the way and you had to function in order to survive. Or at least that’s what you thought in that moment.

Yet, I would love for you to challenge yourself today and to ask in which area of your life are you not completely aligned with your purpose?
Remember, your purpose will serve you, if you let it and if you have the courage to pursue it. This may just be the greatest journey and gift of your life. Own it. Live it. Be it.

With so much love,

Photo Credit: Sébastien Marchand

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