In the last blog post I wrote about the 9 gifts of a heightened intuition. You can check it out here.

Today I’d like to share tips on how you can heighten your intuition, so that you can:

  • uncover and live your biggest gifts
  • flow through life more easily
  • and take decisions from a place of deep peace and knowing

Tip #1: Don’t discount your feelings
Your feelings matter. Your feelings are not irrational, even though society might have made you believe they are. Yes, you’ve had to keep your feelings in check to be professional in work life, but there is a difference between being over-emotional and aware of your feelings. Being aware of your feelings is productive, because you can direct your actions. Reacting overly emotional just makes you seem unstable. 

Tip #2: Feel your feelings
When a feeling bubbles up, let it be there, accept it and ask yourself what it is trying to tell you. Often fears come up that lead us astray and detour us from the loving perspective that will guide us closer to our divine expression. Let them be there, breathe through them. Any feeling won’t stay longer than 90 seconds, keep your focus and feel how it resides and makes space for a loving perspective.

Tip #3: Expansion vs. Contraction
When you have an intuitive knowing and it feels expansive and exciting, then it is your intuition talking. If you have an intuitive knowing and it feels contracting and disturbing, it is your fear and ego talking. Always pay attention to what is happening in your body, to be able to differentiate whose guidance you are following. Fear is never a good consultant.

Tip #4: Meditation
When you are able to calm your monkey mind, you will be able to see more clearly what is going on around and within you. You will be more connected to yourself and the infinite love around you. It will make it a lot easier to hear, see and feel your guidance, because you are not running away or numbing yourself anymore.

Tip #5: Journaling
Uncensored writing will bring you much closer to yourself, your fears, hopes and aspirations. It is a wonderful outlet to get to know yourself better and to understand why you are reacting a certain way. Being able to know and follow your intuition means being in touch with yourself. Jump in and get to know yourself more. Digest what is going on by writing about it.

Tip #6: Have fun, practice & play
Someone is calling – take a “guess” who it might be and then check whether you are right. How many likes do you get for your blog post – take a “guess” when posting and see what happens. Start noticing what happens, when you follow or don’t follow your intuition. How do you feel? Are you in the flow? Do synchronicities happen?

Tip #7: Ask for guidance
Opening to your intuition more and more, means opening to the divine and to the universal energies that flow through you. Your angels and spirit guides can support your growth and guide you towards connecting with them more and more. They love talking to you and guiding you. Ask them to support you and give you signs! Follow the signs and acknowledge them for their work by thanking them. They are your divine friends and have only your best interest at heart.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Are you following your intuition? What helped you to get in touch with your intuition? Share your insights! I love hearing from you! Spark the conversation in the comments below.

Angel sparks surround you, love!


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