Over the past weeks we already covered the gifts of a heightened intuition and how to heighten your intuition. Today I am excited to share a few signs that you truly have heard your intuition correctly. I get that working with your intuition – especially when you are starting out – can be a bit confusing. The signs and messages are subtle in the beginning until you truly trust your guidance and rely on it. The more you practice and follow the guidance the clearer it will become. So keep practicing!

  1. Feeling expansive
    When making a decision there are two kinds of feelings involved. One decision feels expansive, although you might be a little scared to rise to the challenge. And the other one feels narrow, although more comfortable. The expansive feeling is your intuition cheering you one. The narrow feeling your ego trying to keep you safe. Take a moment the next time you decide to do something what guidance you are actually listening to.
  2. Recurring thoughts and ideas
    Do you remember the last time you thought about cutting down on your coffee intake or exercising more regularly. Well, it might be your intuition trying to lead you to a more energetic and calm lifestyle. Don’t discount your thoughts and act upon their guidance.
  3. People as messengers
    Often times our spirit guides or angels will deliver messages to us through other people. This a clear and easy way to reach us. Did you just hear a person in your life giving you advice that you always felt inside of you was something you needed? Maybe you didn’t listen to your feelings or thoughts. Listen to them now and act without delay.
  4. Inner urge or knowing
    When I was going up, my mom once told me she had the strong inner urge to go look after our dog. He was 13 years old and couldn’t walk well anymore. She was getting to him on that moment when he was about to fall down the staircase. This happens often in times when the message is more than urgent and we need to do something right away. The angels and guides get really clear.
  5. Music
    Have you ever noticed the lyrics of songs that are playing in the background when you are pondering a decision? I love playing the “radio game” that I invented with my angels. I would ask a question and ask them to play the song with the answer to this next. Try it out – it’s so much fun! They love it, too!
  6. Feathers
    Yes, you know about the feathers on your path! This is a direct sign that angels are with you, supporting you on your path. You are not alone.
  7. Picking your own sign
    You can also make a pact with your angels and ask them to deliver a sign to you. Pick a sign that you want to see, if the answer to your question is “yes”. Pick a time frame in which you’d like to see it. Don’t obsessively look for the sign, but be sure it will find you, if the answer is truly “yes”. Trust that if you don’t see it. It is truly a “no”.
  8. A “you-voice” inside your head
    You may be more auditory skilled than others and you may be able to hear the voices of your guides and angels clearly. To differentiate your thoughts from their guidance, it is useful to check the wording. e.g. “I don’t want to talk to Karen.” is your ego’s voice. It talks in this way to you all the time and usually whispers doubts and smallness. Not out of evil, but because it wants to keep you safe in your comfort zone. The problem is that in your comfort zone you are not able to grow. The voice of your intuition, angels and guides will always be positive, uplifting and loving. “You should go speak to Karen” or “Speak to Karen”.
  9. Number patterns
    Angels often talk to you through numbers. You may see 111, for example 1:11 as the time of day, on a license plate or in a street art that you’re passing by. It can be any number pattern and each number holds a unique message for you. I use Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers App. This way I can always check what the angels want me know right away.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below!
How is your journey to a heightened intuition, to being a clear channel for your angel’s and guide’s messages, coming along? Tell me, would you like to hear more about this? Enjoy today’s insights and keep up the good work!

With love and light


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