9 Tips On How To Be The Change

Last week I talked about the three steps of lasting change. The last one was BEING the change. Yes, Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”. He (me too) believes that if you become the person you desire to be, your whole world changes. It all has to do with resonance.

You see, your vibrational pattern attracts more of its kind. If you are fearful, more fearful things will enter your life. If you are happy, more happiness will surround you. If you feel wealthy, more abundance will flow to you. This is a simple universal law. It sounds simple and yet it is not easy to master. In order to master it you, need to be CONSCIOUS. Conscious of your thoughts, your motives, your feelings and your actions.
If you want to read more on this Esther Hicks & Abraham are teaching about this and you can find many videos on Youtube.

Let’s take money as an example since we all love to have more of it, right? It means more freedom and flexibility, so why not love that and commit to that?
Let’s imagine you make 5K per month. This is the amount of money you are a vibrational match to right now. Yet your goal is to have 50K per month. Jumping from 5K per month to 50K is a big leap. In order to attract that kind of money and keep getting it per month you need to be a vibrational match for 50K per month. But if you have never made 50K per month, then you don’t know how that FEELS! Now this is the key – your feelings determine what you get. Now ask yourself – what is your monthly income comfort zone? Are you always making around about the same money per month? Do you want to push past this and lift your income? Then you need to be a vibrational match to 50K per month.

Here are 9 tips on how to change your vibration:

  1. Believe it: You need to believe that 50K is totally possible for you and that you deserve it. Many others did it right, so why wouldn’t you be able to? You can do whatever you set your mind to. That’s for sure. It just might take you out of your comfort zone to get you there. Ok, you WILL need to get out of your comfort zone.

  2. Ask your Angels/Spirit for guidance: Never wrong to have a powerful ally, right? 
  3. Declutter: Let go of all limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your goals. Take a pen an paper and write down all the reasons why you can’t make 50K per month. The reasons can even sound illogical or childish – do you believe you won’t have any free time once you make 50K? This sabotages your success. 
  4. Release: Once you know all the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, it’s time to release them. Pick your favorite releasing method – tapping, Ho’oponopono, work with your favorite healer/coach, dance, do a ritual, whatever works for you. 
  5. Get your finances in order: Know your money! If you have a blind spot, it’s like a leak. Honor every penny you have now and concentrate on what is coming in celebrating each and every dollar. 
  6. Get clear on your story: What is your vision for the future? What is the life you want to live? Write down who you will be, how you will feel, where do you live, what do you do all day, who do you surround yourself with? Get really into detail and clarify what your goals are. 
  7. Visualization: Take 5-10min per day to visualize and FEEL how you will feel once you make 50K per month. Feel it in your body, imagine what you would do, what would your day look like, who would you work with? Would you be a different person and how would you be different? Do this ever day. Persistence is really the key. Lazy won’t get you there. You can also use a vision board to help you remember and infuse it with your intentions. But you need to work with it daily and feel your goals. 
  8. Take action: No action, no results. You need to act upon your goals in order to receive them. It’s not about going to dreamy land and waiting for someone to deliver your dream life. The universe will meet you half way, but you have to take the steps. 
  9. Receive and adjust: Be aware of what is working and what not. Stay happy and connected to your vision. If you get frustrated that it is not materializing as fast as YOU desire, you need to let go of control. Manifesting works best if you let go of HOW it will come to you, but just hold your vision and take the action steps that are necessary now. Miracles will happen to support you. 

Being the change really means already feeling like the person you want to be and taking action from this perspective. Would your future you be stingy around giving tips? Would the future you who earns 50K spend money on luxury and self-care? You know how you would behave different and integrate this already in your day. Don’t go all out and buy a big yacht when you can’t afford it. It’s about integrating small acts, that give the feeling of already being who and where you desire to be.

Now, have fun manifesting your desires!
Let us know in the comments below what just clicked in your head. Which actions and thoughts didn’t lead to manifesting your desires an which were great boosts? Get the conversation started!

Much Love & Light to you
Sharon Kirstin

Image Credit: Shutterstock

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