The meditation I’m sharing with you today literally came bursting out of me. It absolutely made my day. I had one of the most inspired, happy and productive days in a long long time!

When I sat down and asked spirit what’s most important for me to do today (I have a plan, but still ask spirit whether something else is more important), this meditation came through loud and clear.


  • instantly get into your creative flow
  • relax and be open to receiving new ideas 
  • calm down so that you can create with ease
  • alpha waves transform your brain patterns so that creation and relaxation are easy

The music continues on after the meditation so that the binaural beats keep you buzzing high with creativity.

If you’ve never heard of brainwave entrainment before: alpha waves (7-10hz) are said to be present during states of creativity, visualization and meditation. By actively inducing them, it is easier for you to open up, get connected, keep your concentration high and create with ease.

Listen to the meditation here:

Let me know how this meditation worked for you! Share you experience in the comments below and spark the conversation.

Have a creative day!

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