Are you tired of not getting manifesting results? Maybe you’ve tried a lot to attract your manifestations. But unless you change (even if just a tiny bit) you will keep getting the same results.

Wayne Dyer said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” and I can attest to that being true.⁣⁣⁣
In the work with my clients and on myself over the years I have seen how powerful a shift in perspective is in order to create new outcomes that were previously out of reach.⁣⁣⁣
In this episode, I share 12 journal prompts that you can use today to start shifting from the inside so that you can become a vibrational match for your manifestations.⁣⁣
You will receive clarity and your own answers to what your right next aligned action step is.⁣⁣⁣
If you enjoy this, leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you.⁣⁣⁣
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Maybe you’ve watched my last video where I shared the one thing that can really fast track your manifestations.⁣

A lot of people know it, but they don’t do it. They know it on some level, but they don’t realize that it’s actually a key to unlocking or fast-tracking your manifestations.⁣

So in this video, I would like to go in a little bit deeper and give you a few ideas, examples, journal prompts so that you can find your own answers within and take new action so that your manifestations come in easily and effortlessly.⁣

So the one thing that people don’t realize that needs to happen for them to receive their manifestations is if we keep doing the same thing, we get the same results.⁣

In the last video, I talked about how we need to be willing to change our approach to get new results. ⁣

Sometimes we need to just experiment and see what resonates with us and what doesn’t.⁣

Change either comes from the outside or from the inside.⁣

⁣Since we have inner sovereignty, we can completely change ourselves the way we see things and the way we relate to things.⁣

I always like to teach that you start within yourself, you start changing the way you see things, you start changing the way that you feel about things, and you start changing the way you think about things. Then you start seeing your perspective shift. ⁣

With your perspective-shifting, you’re basically tapping into a different vibration.⁣

You’re allowing yourself to take new action because, from a new perspective, new action is always born.⁣

Write down these questions so you can journal on them and find your own answers.⁣

⁣The very first thing to do is to create awareness of what you’ve been doing.⁣

Awareness of what’s been working and what’s not been working.⁣

We are oftentimes so busy that we actually don’t take the time to just take stock of what’s been happening.⁣

What have we been doing?⁣

What has been feeling good?⁣

What has not been feeling good?⁣

How have you been relating to money?⁣

What are the predominant feelings that you’ve had around money in the last week, month, or year?⁣

How have you been behaving towards money?⁣

What vibration have you been giving money?⁣

What have you been offering money really?⁣

Every vibration, everything that we put out is always reciprocated.⁣

It always comes back to us with the same vibration and this as an echo basically coming back to us.⁣

It’s a cause and effect kind of thing.⁣

If you are probably walking down the street and you’re saying something mean to someone, they’re usually not going to respond in a super high vibration unless they’re super aware and outside of that loop already. But that’s a different story. ⁣

What kind of vibration have you been giving out?⁣ What is the feedback that you’ve been getting?⁣

The external is always a reflection of our internal world.⁣

As a result, whatever is being reflected to us from the external world is within us as well. ⁣

It gives us tremendous knowledge, clues, and insight around what needs healing within us when we can still shift and align.⁣

This thing goes the other way around, what is within you will always be reflected back to you on the outside.⁣

This is the perfect feedback loop.⁣

Whatever happens, don’t judge it.⁣ Let yourself off the hook. Let it go.⁣

Stop the judgment because the more you judge yourself, the more you attach yourself to a certain outcome, the less likely you are to see the solution.⁣

Take a step back.⁣

What kind of advice would you give your friend if they were in a similar situation?⁣

What kind of advice would your mentor give you or someone that you really look up to?⁣

Close your eyes. Put yourself into that person’s shoes.⁣

Just assume that you’re tapping into them and speaking to yourself: what they would have to say to you. Look what they will tell you.⁣

It’s assuming a different perspective. Oftentimes, that allows us to really shift within ourselves.⁣

There are many different ways in which you can actually shift your perspective, assume a different energy, and start relating to your manifestation in a different way.⁣

So take inventory, look at what’s been going on, look at the feedback that you keep getting.⁣

Look at the vibration that you’ve been offering your manifestation consistently.⁣ Look at whether you’ve been feeling as if it’s already done, or have you been wishing for it?⁣

Have you been wanting it? Have you been staying in that vibration of desire, which basically just creates more desire? Or have you been tapping into the having of it?⁣

Take a bird’s eye view. Look at the situation. What advice would you give your friend? What advice would your mentor give you?⁣

This whole exercise, what I’d like you to do is basically just to take a step back, detach from the situation, don’t make it so big, don’t make it so important.⁣

Just allow a different perspective to come in.⁣

⁣Allow yourself to make a change in the way that you’ve been relating to your manifestation.⁣

Just allow yourself to see things differently.⁣

Trust me, things will look different once you allow yourself to see them differently because not everybody has your perspective.⁣

We all have very unique perspectives and it serves us oftentimes to just shift it. So that we can allow change in because, with change, you also allow new results.⁣

Sometimes it really helps to just take a moment, sit in silence, and ask ourselves: What am I really being guided to do? What do I feel pulled to do?⁣

This is an integral part for me and my manifestations are to really tune into: what do I feel guided to do? What is my inner self, my higher self, my soul calling me to do? What is the next step?⁣

It may be logical, it may not be, and sometimes it’s completely not related at all.⁣

But it is related to your manifestation and the universe knows the perfect way in which it will deliver your manifestation even though you can’t see it.⁣

If you want new results, start looking at what you’ve been doing.⁣

If you desire something different, the contrast shows you that you want something different, and we need to be willing to change something within ourselves or outside ourselves to allow the new results to come in.⁣

So that’s usually the only thing that we need to do.⁣

Think differently, feel differently, focus differently.⁣

Just use our brain and emotions in a different way so that we can allow the manifestation in.⁣

This is sometimes a little uncomfortable, but it’s really not that much work compared to the work that the universe does for us to bring in that life vibration that we’re then holding.⁣

Sometimes we need to be uncomfortable in order to shift the vibration and to do something different and get a different result.⁣

We actually have to get a little uncomfortable because the thing that we have been doing over and over again has kept us comfortable but it has also not allowed us to receive the results that we’ve wanted.⁣

Does that make sense? These are my tips for you today.⁣

Tell me below what you’ve journaled on. What your insights are, what you’re taking away from this video that you’re going to implement straight away, and make one choice now that you’re going to follow through on because that’s where the magic happens.⁣

Where to from here?

I’ve created a complete course around it, it’s called Mind Makeover which helps you repattern yourself so that you can create the life that you love from the inside out.

I wanted to jump on here today and I wanted to share this with you because it is really close to my heart and this is the message that came through today. So let me know in the comments below if this resonates with you.

Are you understanding it? Are you getting it? If you have any questions, also pop them below. I can make new videos about this. I can share more, I can explain more. So please let me know what you love and when you want to hear more.


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