Balancing Divine Feminine and Masculine in Business

What is the divine feminine and masculine and why is it important in business?¬†Well, if you balance these and use them in the right context – you’ll have pure business GOLD!

Let’s kick off defining what we’re talking about:

  • Divine Feminine Energy: the receiving, nourishing, creative aspects of yourself
  • Divine Masculine Energy: the action-taking, forward driving, analytical aspects of yourself

As a spiritual entrepreneur you are naturally very intuitive, highly sensitive, very likely an empath and connected to source energy (whether you realize this already or not).

So the divine feminine comes natural to you. That’s the energy you create from, your sacred space of nourishment, guidance and healing. This aspect of yourself is guiding you to create your spiritual business and make a difference in other people’s lives.

But as you can imagine with a mere focus on the feminine, we’re not drilling down into the numbers in our business. The divine feminine would never create a chart or table or analyze the numbers from the past quarter. That’s where the divine masculine comes in and helps us to create processes, analyses and plans that will keep us accountable and moving towards our goals on a set timeline.

Now, would you be in business if you’re lacking one of these?
No. BOTH are important to create success in your lightworker business.

I so often hear coaches talk about ONLY the divine feminine or ONLY taking action and getting ‘out there’. That always makes me a bit sad, because the truth is never black and white.

This type of teaching can easily lead to overwhelm and misalignment with yourself, your energy and thus your SUCCESS. Yes, it’s true. If you’re not acting in alignment with your strengths and values, and just keep pushing harder in an inauthentic direction, all you’re doing is push success further away.

The truth is: The divine masculine and feminine need to be in balance so that you can harness your full business potential in the best possible way.

Yes, you’ll need to take action outside your comfort zone. Yes, you’ll need to retreat to recharge your energy. But it’s not one or the other all of the time. When you do it right (listen to your divine guidance correctly) you’ll find ways on how to move ahead feeling safe, supported and in alignment with your deepest desires.

Here’s my last and maybe most important tip:
Use your divine powers by asking Spirit/the Universe to give you guidance. And when you receive divine guidance, take massive INSPIRED ACTION to make your desires a reality.

Think of the yin and yang symbol. There is always a part of the other aspect present. To receive you need to take the action of accepting. To take action you need to first receive the guidance on where to go.

How are you incorporating the divine masculine and feminine in your work? What insights did you get here today? I love hearing from you, please share below in the comments!