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Hi. My name’s Sharon Kirstin and I’m the bestselling author of the book called The Answers Within. Our mind’s a powerful tool because what we believe about ourselves is what will come true. Whatever we believe will come true. What we believe about ourself, how we relate to ourself, that’s how we relate to the world outside, as well.

Let’s talk about the neolimbic part of your brain first. This is the part of your brain that you use most often. It’s just on. This is like where you function on autopilot. Your neolimbic brain looks at your environment and the situations that you’re in, and it draws conclusions from past events and basically gives you references on how to act now based on past data. That’s what it does. It looks at what have we done in the past, what are all the experiences, what are all the references that I can draw out from this file system that I can give you right now so that you can efficiently navigate the situation with minimum energy and effort.

For example, you get into a car, and your neolimbic brain goes file for driving a car. You don’t have to learn how to drive a car every time you get in. It’s stored in your brain, in your subconscious, and you just automatically go into car driving mode. Same for walking. When you stand up, you don’t learn how to walk every single time you get up from a chair. You just know, your body knows. It’s stored and you just automatically do those movements that you’ve trained yourself into.

This is tremendously helpful because it allows you to draw upon these references and optimize your experience based on what is already working, based on past data that you’ve already created. This part of your brain, though, is really not a good advisor when it comes to making choices, making good choices and change. This part of your brain doesn’t like change, and it can’t navigate change. It just can’t. Because what it does is, this situation, I’m going to try to find something in the past that matches this situation that is similar in this way, and if it can’t find anything, then you have no reference on how to navigate this information, and you will make bad decisions. There are no good decisions in this moment.

The good news is that there is another part of your brain. It’s called the prefrontal brain. And this part of your brain is actually what makes you human. This part of our brain is huge compared to other species in the planet. We have huge prefrontal brain and it allows us to meet new situations with creativity and adaptability. This is the big, big, big gift that we’ve been given to actually see beyond what is and what has been in order to go to something that we have never had before.

And please listen to this, because this is tremendously important, and this is why visioning works. This is why visualization works. This is where you use the prefrontal brain in order to go into a future of currently impossible scenario for your neolimbic brain, because it has never experienced that before. But your prefrontal brain doesn’t care because it’s creative and adaptive and it can come up with solutions and choices that help you to find these solutions that will make this future come true.

The prefrontal brain can give you new ideas on how to act and behave in situations that have never been there before. It helps you to be creative and come up with solutions and choices that support you in creating new outcomes.

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