Daily Intention Prayer


Intentions are powerful energetic arrows that let us anchor a certain outcome. We choose upfront what type of experience and goal we desire and we go make it happen.

If we use them consciously we cocreate every single day.

Do you know exactly what you’ll get done, once you sit down on your desk? Do you set clear intentions for your day, business, relationships and life? 

Only when you know what your goal for that day is, you can achieve it.

Without a goal you are just keeping busy. 

Have you ever seen an entrepreneur make it big without having clear intentions, following clear actions according to their outlined plan? I haven’t…

I believe it get’s even easier, when you focus each morning on WHO you want to be.

After all you need to transition into the vibration of success in order to have it. Manifestation 101, right?

Today I’m sharing my daily manifesto – my intention prayer with you.


It will help you:

  • align with your best self
  • set the clear intention to show up fully for yourself, business and goals
  • create better relationships
  • invite spirit into your day for clear guidance
  • prime yourself to make it your best day

>> Download your copy here <<

Now, I’d like to hear from you! How did you feel reciting the intentions? How do you feel afterwards? Do you notice the difference in your energy? Let me know in the comments below!

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