Symptoms of Energy Healing Explained

What does energy healing look like when you’re going through it?

Energetic realignment is not a one-moment experience.

Whether your work with an energy healer, work on yourself or take a digital course like my Soul Powered Training…

…healing is a non-linear experience.

Transformation is initiated in an instant but the integration process can take some time.

Imagine that you are not only your body, your mind, or your emotions.

You are all of these and more.

So when you heal by shifting a belief or emotion you initiate healing in the energetic field, first.

This is a subtle layer when then ripples through all your energetic, mental and emotional bodies to integrate.

It’s kind of like a gap that is created where the old pattern was and now your energy is redistributing to fill this void and flow with more ease.

It’s okay that this takes some time.

In this episode, I explain what you may experience while this happens so that you can relax knowing your healing is integrating.

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In the last days, I am on an emotional roller coaster, I feel very happy, and an hour later, completely angry or sad for no apparent reason. Can this be healing of suppressed emotions?

Yes, absolutely. Why I’m saying yes, so confidently is especially because this is where your mind went.

This is what you intuitively felt what it is.

Usually we are right and oftentimes, we already know the answer.

But then we question ourselves, we need to ask someone else that seems to be more of an expert, which is totally fine to ask me.

My point with what I’m saying here right now is literally trust yourself.

Trust yourself.

If this is what it feels like to you. That’s exactly true. That is what it is.

But apart from that, yes, emotional healing, has absolutely feel like an emotional roller coaster up and down.

If we only look at energy healing, and if we only look at the work you’re doing right now, you’re going deep.

You’re shifting things in your unconscious mind.

Even if I asked you a question and you journal on a question, you tap into your unconscious mind.

The work that you’re doing right now in this course, it seems like very gentle work.

It’s not something forceful.

You’re not pressuring yourself to change something you’re not forcing at all.

It is very gentle. It is very subtle. But don’t underestimate it, it’s powerful.

It does shift you energetically greatly.

So what shifts first is really the energetic body, the subtle bodies, the emotional bodies, and the last body that shifts and the changes that your physical body, your physical reality.

So change has already begun on these more ethereal planes.

As you now notice that your emotions are shifting and changing, and it’s just up and down, it’s a little bit irrational.

Just allow yourself to go through that process and allow it to be whatever it is, at this moment in time.

Don’t judge it. Don’t try to stop it. That’s important as well.

Just flow with it.

If you feel angry, allow yourself to feel angry.

And if you feel happy, allow yourself to be happy.

If you feel tired, allow yourself to sleep.

These are literally parts of you.

That’s almost what I’m getting for you right now. These are parts that but not only you, but we all suppress constantly.

It’s not convenient to be angry and now it’s not convenient to take a nap or be tired.

We basically disowned these parts, we push them away.

We force ourselves to be different and to be whatever we think is appropriate at that moment in time.

So we keep disconnecting from our true self.

I feel right now maybe what you’re being called to is just to acknowledge that our emotions do change constantly.

It is okay just to allow whatever happens and you will know what it is for you in each moment.

Sometimes it needs to be felt. Sometimes it just needs to be observed.

When I go into very deep healing processes that I almost have flashes from the past and memory comes up that I hadn’t thought about in the longest time, I get really emotional around it.

I feel it, I can very much relate to what you’re saying because I’ve experienced it.

When pictures come up, or emotions come up, and I go so deep into it, then a moment later, I’m actually fine.

Like, what was that about?

But it doesn’t linger.

It’s almost like a hat to see that I had to feel it, I had to remember it.

It was almost saying hello, and goodbye.

That’s maybe all that it is really, it depends on what it feels like for you.

But you will know if there is something that needs to be felt because it won’t leave.

If it doesn’t leave, it needs to be felt.

It needs to be looked at and wants to be acknowledged.

If it’s just a Whoa, what’s happening and then it’s gone. You can literally just say, Okay, I saw you I felt you. That’s cool. Hi, and bye.

I get these flashes to the memory flashes.

The memory flashes seem perfectly fine.

It’s a very, very normal reaction, or experience of energetic healing and literally letting go of aspects that no longer serve you that you’re ready to let go off that you’re cleansing out and you’re stepping into a new energy.

So I feel literally there is nothing you need to do.

You don’t have to worry.

Where to from here?

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