What if you’ve been overlooking one very obvious but powerful ingredient to manifesting what you desire?

If you haven’t had success with your manifestations, then you likely need to change your approach.

If your manifestations aren’t arriving, your desires aren’t manifesting…something about how you’re using the manifesting process isn’t working, right?

In this video, I share how you can allow new results (meaning allow your manifestations in) by making simple modifications to your approach.

And this is 100% in your control.

You can make new choices and get new results.

Learn what has kept your manifestations away and what you can take charge of today to let them come in with ease.

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In this video, I would like to talk about the one overlooked, secret, or forgotten ingredient in manifesting. I’m willing to bet with you that you actually, even though you know this, you’re not following through on it, and you’re not implementing it and you’re not open to it to a certain degree.

And that’s why your manifestations haven’t arrived yet. Or it’s maybe one of the reasons why they may not have arrived yet.

Obviously, I don’t know what you’re doing in your manifesting routine, because we haven’t talked about it. But this is one of the many reasons why manifesting might not be working for you right now.

All right. So I’m going to tell you straight up.

So why this one manifestation that you’re really looking for, to create, let’s just assume it’s money because everybody always wants to manifest more money, there can never be too much money, right?

So let’s imagine you want to manifest more money.

More money is a new outcome for you, right?

It’s a new result that you are creating.

So in order to create a new result, inherently, what we need is change.

Here’s the thing.

Humans don’t like change.

Einstein famously said it is the definition of insanity to keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting new results.

You cannot keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

So if you’re thinking the same way about money, if you’re relating to money in the same way, if you’re doing the same things with money that you’ve always done, if you’re dealing with money in the same way, like if everything around money is the same for you, you’re going to get the same outcomes.

You wishing upon the universe that you are going to be a millionaire or are a millionaire is not going to change a single thing.

That’s just wishful thinking because this universe operates by very specific laws and these laws are basic. Not just wish upon it and it will happen and that would not be the idea of this universe. It’s not the purpose of this universe.

This purpose as far as I understand is really for us to evolve, for us to expand, for us to understand what we’re capable of and our desires are the light, you know, that shines in the distance that is calling us, that is pulling us, and we see.

For example, the money goals are the light in the distance that we’re being called to go to.

Like a moth being called to the flame and we feel “Yes, it’s destined for us, it’s for us, I’m going there, this is right for me.”

But at the same time, you know, there is a shadow, because if there is a light behind you, there is a shadow at the same time.

This shadow is basically leading the way. The shadow is almost like the mission, it is your why, it is basically what fuels you to actually get there. Sometimes the shadow shows up as obstacles, you know, the obstacle is the way, literally.

The obstacle is the way. The obstacle shows you what you need to understand, shift in yourself, change within yourself so that you can have what you desire.

So there is a fine balance in this universe between light and shadow. It’s a duality that we live in. There’s feminine and masculine, up and down, and all of that, and there is a reason for it.

There is also a law of cause and effect and you cause things and they have an effect that comes back to you. I’m not going to talk about all the laws.

But basically, my whole point with this video is that we want new results. But we’re not willing to change a single thing in our lives and we think manifesting works in a way where we just wish it to be different and then we expect it to be different.

If it doesn’t change, then we basically give up hope and we just let it go. We’re like “Oh, manifesting doesn’t work for me.” Well, manifesting works the same for everybody. But some people are just more diligent and actually understand how it works for them and how they can apply these principles.

So the bad news is humans don’t want to change.

This to say simply, humans do not like change.

We don’t like it, we don’t want it, we want nothing to do with it.

We want to be comfortable with what we’ve always done.

I mean, part of that is really also in our brain because, in the cerebellum, we basically save all the things that we do over and over again, just like driving a car, like riding a bicycle.

At some point, we learned it and it took up a lot of energy and brainpower to actually understand how we do the bazillion things while driving a car, you know, like shifting the gear, gas, brakes, looking, all the mirrors, like steering, like there were so many things that was so complicated for us to learn at the beginning.

At some point, it’s just you know, we have conversations we just drift off into our own thoughts that everything happens on autopilot. We don’t think about whether we need to shift the gear or step on the gas, whatever.

Like it just happens automatically because we’ve saved in our cerebellum. So our brain basically actually loves routine. It loves doing the same over and over again because it saves us energy. It’s an energy-saving mode, you know when we’re on autopilot.

Basically, if we keep doing the same things, we’re on autopilot. Some things and some habits like this can actually be really good because some things and some habits really help us and they support us.

If we imprint those into autopilot, it will become easier for us to live the life that we desire.

But there are just some things that are not supporting us and not helping us and those things we need to change.

The good news is…

Oh, and the second thing is, you know, we actually don’t want to change and the other thing is that we want to predict everything that happens.

We really want to control our future.

We want to know exactly what’s going to happen tomorrow.

If I take on that job, I want to know: Is it going to be fun?

Is it going to be good? Am I going to like it? If

I start this business, I want to know that I’m going to be successful.

Otherwise, I’m not sure I can handle this risk and I can actually do all the things that are necessary to do. So we want to have that sense of certainty.

You know, we want to be certain, we want to be safe, we want to be certain. Funny as humans, aren’t we? But let’s just face it, we can all relate to that.

Some people more, like, love certainty more than others, some people love more adventure, they’re more open to it.

But on some level, we want to make sure that, we want to be certain that tomorrow when we wake up and we’re lying on our beds, that we’re going to be safe, that we’re still going to be in the space, whatever.

That’s just a human thing.

We don’t have to judge ourselves. But we need to understand ourselves.

Because when we understand ourselves and we understand that these things are happening, we can actually start changing them.

We can start seeing things differently and make new choices because we are also capable of choice and there is this huge part of our frontal cortex, that actually helps us make new choices, think about new structures, think about new ideas, come up with new concepts, envision a new life, that’s the biggest part of our brain really.

It’s the biggest in any mammal, and probably any animal, to be honest, humans have the biggest one, that’s the biggest percentage.

Comparing to, for example, I think it’s like 40% in humans and maybe like 12% in dogs, and like 7% or less in cats, it doesn’t really matter, you’re getting the point.

So basically, this part enables us to choose and learn and envision and do all those things. So we are capable of change.

If we are actually understanding that if we want to manifest new results, it means that something in our life or within ourselves must change.

Our external world is always, always, always a reflection of our inner world. Our inner world is also always, always, always a reflection of our outer world. So if you want to know what’s going on inside of you, look around you. If you want to know what’s going on outside of you, look within you because it’s always a perfect reflection.

Which means, here’s the tremendously good news is that because you have no ability to control anything that’s happening outside of you. I mean, we see that now with the pandemic. There is no way to control anything that’s going on outside of us.

But if we try to, if we let what’s happening outside of us, get to us. We get super stressed out, we get anxious, we feel like we’re not in control, we feel like we’re victims, we feel like all of this stuff is happening to us, and we have no say, we have no power.

But the truth is, that’s not true. Actually what we can do is we have inner sovereignty and we can choose what is going on inside of us.

We can choose what we believe, we can choose what we focus on, we can choose what gets to happen for us, we decide what is happening in our lives.

And because you have complete sovereignty and complete control over your inner state at all times, you can create your world, you can create in your external world whenever you want because now you know, your external world is a perfect reflection of your inner world.

So don’t try to change anything outside of you.

But go within yourself. Look at your belief systems, look at what actually supports the goals that you want to bring into your life, into your experience, and start from within. I cannot say it enough. You have complete sovereignty inside of yourself. Okay?

Tell me if that makes sense in the comments below.

Where to from here?

I’ve created a complete course around it, it’s called Mind Makeover which helps you repattern yourself so that you can create the life that you love from the inside out.

I wanted to jump on here today and I wanted to share this with you because it is really close to my heart and this is the message that came through today. So let me know in the comments below if this resonates with you.

Are you understanding it? Are you getting it? If you have any questions, also pop them below. I can make new videos about this. I can share more, I can explain more. So please let me know what you love and when you want to hear more.


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