Feeling Stuck?

Feeling stuck can look very busy.

I see so many people over-complicate their path because they are avoiding taking certain slightly uncomfortable actions, experience some growth pains or simply sit with their wounds to heal and move forward.

I get it.

I’ve been on that merry-go-round.

Maybe you’ve convinced yourself you need another course, certification, or more time before you can take action.

I believe courses, certifications, and in some cases even time may be very helpful and divinely guided, but when you use it as an excuse (there is a huge energetic difference) to hide behind instead of as a tool to support your progress…

…you may end up feeling stuck, but very busy.

Busy running from yourself, your truth and the aligned actions that (probably slightly uncomfortable or new) will actually make a difference.

In this episode, I share tips, belief reframes, and journal prompts to gently shift your perspective and create forward momentum on your soulful path.

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xx Sharon


Hello, my soul tribe. Today I’m going to talk about, “you need to quit the freakin story and go do it already”.

Whatever comes to mind right now and whatever thought popped in your head where you’re like, “oh, that thing”.

That’s exactly the thing you got to do.

Chances are, you don’t want to do it.

All right. So here’s what I need to say to you today:

The thing that just popped in your head, where you were like,

“Oh, that’s the thing”.

That’s the thing where I come up with excuses. That’s the thing where I realized I keep self-sabotaging.

When I said stop and quit telling a story.

What I see a lot in people is that they overcomplicate things.

What I mean is basically they make it more complex.

By making it more complex, finding more reasons, and telling like a more complicated story, they find justification in why they’re not taking action of why they’re not doing it.

Of course, when I say all these things, my mission is all around purpose than helping you step into your purpose, living your purpose.

I mean, whatever that looks like for a lot of people that look like sharing their mission, their soul message, and their soul work with the world.

They really feel like they’re here to make a difference.

But it might also literally be something else.

It could be anything.

The way that our soul expresses itself is not one size fits all.

We’re not all doing the same thing.

In fact, we’re all doing very different things, our energy signatures are all different.

So even if we’re doing the same thing, we’re doing it completely differently and other people are going to vibrate towards us and vibe with us and want to work with us.

Basically, whatever that is, whatever your true expression is, it doesn’t have to do anything with work.

We’ve trained away from our truth. We’ve trained away from who we really are.

We come up with all these ideas of who we are supposed to be and to fit in.

It’s so crazy to want to fit in to be like everyone else, and to be in that mainstream thing.

Honestly,  I’ve been there as well. I’ve done it too. I was feeling stuck.

I’ve, for the longest time I’ve tried to fit in and I want it to fit in and please others.

It’s just those concepts that we pick up in childhood, where we believe we need to be a certain way in order to be loved and love is just such.

It’s just the highest value.

People overcomplicate things, people make it more difficult than it is.

They come up with all kinds of excuses and reasons why they’re not doing the thing that they actually feel called to do.

So here’s the thing that I want you to think about today without feeling stuck.

What’s the story?

I want you to write down take a pen and paper journal on this. What is the story that I’m telling that I cannot have this? Why am I doing it right now? What is holding me back?”

If you can actually find those answers within yourself, you can start making new choices, and actually look at those parts of you that you may have suppressed.

It doesn’t have to be difficult.

Another thing that I noticed when people start over-complicating things that they always look for the next thing.

Honestly, your soul came into this experience perfectly.

It did not need a certification to be you.

You do not need a freaking certification to be yourself.

You don’t need it.

This is like a continuous journey.

There are always more stories, just like when you make 100k in your business to reach a million.

If you make a million, they’re probably still some beliefs that are holding you back from a billion, it’s all limitless.

So let’s just take it back to basic and ask ourselves.

What is the story?

I’m telling myself:

What is the false story?

What are the false belief systems?

Why do I need this story right now to make myself feel good?

Why does the story that I’m telling this holding you back from sharing my purpose from sharing my voice?

In the long term, there’s still this yearning, and still this desire to be more.

Let’s just say you have a destination and if you ask yourself,

What is it that I need to do today in order to get to this destination?

What are the next steps? They will be shown to you and usually, a really great way to be shown is either through meditation.

It’s all about quitting all the stories that are holding you back.

Where to from here?

If you feel like you want to choose yourself, live your purpose, but you struggle to create momentum, work hard but don’t get anywhere or simply feel disconnected from your authentic expression (hello, comparisonitis) this may be for you…

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