Higher Dimension Manifesting Meditation


Have you ever tried to make manifesting work for you, but you felt like you missed a part?

In my last blog post I gave you 10 tips on how to create change and manifest your desires. Check it out here

This week spirit gave me this meditation, which will help you move into a higher dimension easily. The beauty of moving into a higher dimension to manifest is, that there is no linear time.

Whatever you choose to create is built in the fraction of a second. Only our 3D world needs more time to manifest your creations into form.

This meditation will help you:

  • take inventory of your past
  • see clearly what you are presently creating
  • create new experiences and outcomes in your life
  • create your goals and desires on a higher dimensional level – all you need to do is take inspired action to attract your goals into your life

Click here and enjoy your travel to a higher dimension:


I would love to hear from you! How did you like the meditation? What were your experiences? Or simply share your manifestation best practices below. I love to hear from you!

I hope this meditation will serve you greatly.
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