How to Anchor Your Goals

Before the sessions with my beautiful and lovely clients I tune in and do my rituals so that the energies are clear and high vibrating. I always check whether a light being has a message for my client.

I often get messages that I think are genius, really. I am amazed at the wisdom of spirit.

The other day I got a message from Goddess Diana and it is an important tip for all of us!
She showed me how to anchor your goals energetically with you in the here and now so that you will be guided clearly and can always realign easily.

Watch the video here:

To sum up:

  1. Be crystal clear what your goal is
  2. Identify the emotions you will feel once you have what you desire: really take time to feel into your body and see who you will be once you’ve reached your goal!
  3. Center yourself through meditation, breathing or any other method that quiets and focuses your mind.
  4. When you’re centered, fully feel the emotions your specified, stand up and put yourself into the position as if you were really holding that bow and arrow
  5. Ask Goddess Diana to surround you with her energy and to help you successfully anchor your goal
  6. When you’re centered and see your goal in your mind’s eye and feel the emotions in your heart, in your mind and physically, act as if you are letting go of the arrow
  7. See and feel how you are connected to your goal by the energetic cord you just anchored (I see it as a light electric blue cord – you may see it in the same way or differently)

Know that you’re now connected to your goal and you can move along that cord by connecting to the emotions you defined as the fulfillment of your goal. When you take a decision that shall move you closer to your goal, ask yourself whether you feel the emotions you specified. If yes, great – you’re moving closer. If no, reconsider. (Always come from a place of peace and calm when taking decisions. Taking a few deep breaths can work wonders.)

Also feel and know that this cord will pull you towards your goal. All you need to do is staying connected to the emotions you specified. The emotions you’ll feel once you’ve achieved your goal, are the pathway to their fulfillment.

I hope you enjoyed this video and the work with Goddess Diana. Please share in the comments below what your experiences are with this method!


With love!!



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