Hi there, Beautiful!

Have you ever been there: You know a task really needs to get done, yet you don’t feel like doing it?

When you think about it your stomach turns, you get nervous and turn to food, busy work or other less meaningful things that are in your comfort zone. 

You know it’s important and it will benefit you and your business. But, you know, you just really REALLY don’t feel like it?

You push it away day after day, feeling uninspired, not having the energy, not being clear enough…there are a trillion excuses you can come up with. 

We’ve all been there and return to this – no need to sugar coat it. 

Our minds can get really inventive!

Find out in this week’s episode what my experiences are and what I do to tackle my tasks head on. 


Watch the video:

What do you think of the ideas I offer you in this video? Did you ever notice that when you create flow in one area of your life, that other areas follow?

I’d love to hear from you!

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With love and light