Light Sourcing Meditation

Either it is Mercury retrograde or I don’t know why I am feeling so out of alignment this week. If it is the retrograde then maybe some of you feel the same.
That’s why I chose to share an efficient and easy exercise with you today that will help you to reconnect and move forward strong. After all the retrograde will still take a couple of weeks. Here is my tool for you.

The Benefits:

  • recharge your batteries instantly
  • it only takes 1-5 minutes (you decide)
  • you can do it anywhere (home, office, park – you choose)
  • it is so easy to remember

This is a meditation I learned at Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass and I infused my own spin in it, because the Angels and Unicorns wanted to join the party as well.

Light Sourcing Meditation:

Sit down on your meditation pillow (or chair, or bench) and close your eyes. Sit up straight, chin tucked in so that you neck lengthens. Hands on your thighs, palms facing up. Take a deep breath in through your nose and connect to the here and now. Exhale through your nose and let go of all worries and thoughts that you do not need during this exercise. Continue a deep cycle of breath and sink into your pillow deeper and deeper.
When you feel calm and ready call upon Archangel Michael and ask him to wrap you in his blue, white, violet, golden light so that you are protected on all physical and spiritual levels. (This is especially important when you do this exercise in a public space. You don’t want lower energies to be able to get to you, once you open up. I, for example, always ask for Michael’s protection when leaving my home)
Then call upon Archangel Shushienae and the Unicorns of Purity. Ask them to wrap their pure white light around you. Feel their presence and take a deep breath inhaling the sparkling white light into your body. Feel how it surrounds your body, your aura and how it penetrates your cells with every inhale you take. With every exhale you let go more and more. Continue this cycle until you feel a sense of lightness.
Now let’s go even further – call upon the highest powers of love and light, God, the Universe (choose your term) and ask to be enwrapped in a pure golden light. Feel how this white light is pouring down on you gently like standing in a shower. Feel how it runs down your head, your neck, your shoulders, your arms, your whole body. Feel how it covers your whole body bit by bit until all is covered and cleansed. With every breath you inhale more of this pure golden and sparkling white light.
Your frequency rises more and more and your body may start to tingle and vibrate. This is a sign that your cells are recalibrating with the energy of the Universe, the divine source energy. Our whole bodies are energy, just as everything else in this universe. Think of the atoms in your body as little batteries that are giving off and absorbing energy and light. You can recharge these batteries with positive energy and light, as you are doing right now.
Continue breathing in light and feeling it cleanse your body and aura until you feel ready to come back. When you are ready thank the light beings for their support and slowly open your eyes. Stretch your body to return to it fully.

Now, I would love to hear from you! How did this exercise make you feel? What exercises do you use when you feel out of alignment?

Much love,


Photo Credit: Shutterstock