Big Or Small Steps To Quickly Manifest My Purpose?

What an intriguing question from one of the Soul Powered members!

If you’ve ever wondered…

  1. Do I need to make big steps towards my purpose to manifest it quickly?
  2. Or are smaller steps just as good?
  3. Does it make a difference if it’s big or small steps?
  4. What is a big or small step to the perspective of the universe?
  5. What does living my purpose really look like?

Then this episode is for you.

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In manifesting is there a difference between doing a big step and a small step towards your purpose?

Like the bigger the change you make, the bigger help you receive from the universe?

We often think that once I do this thing, then I will live my purpose.

Once I have the money, once I have the impact, once I feel a certain way, then I will be living my purpose.

What I’ve learned over time from actually starting at that perspective, and sometimes even finding myself returning to that, and catching myself is that your purpose is exactly what’s in front of you.

Your purpose is the next step that’s in front of you, the next aligned step for you.

That is your purpose.

It’s your calling, it’s where you feel you’re destined to be and how you feel destined to express yourself.

So I just want to say and make that very, very clear distinction.

Your purpose is not something in the future.

Your purpose is not something where certain conditions have to align so that you would live your purpose.

The purpose is not something that’s currently outside of you or somewhere else, your purpose is part of you.

Every single step you take now, manifest that purpose more and more.

Whether you feel like that’s a big step, or you feel like that’s a small step really doesn’t matter.

The small step is as important as the big step.

What you feel is small, may even be bigger for the universe than you think it is.

So when you perceive a small might actually have a huge ripple effect.

When you perceive as big now, it should be here, now it should come.

Now I should be doing the things and having the things.

It might actually be something quite small for the universe and for the overall outcome.

So, is there a difference between doing a big step and a small step towards your purpose in manifesting?

Well, I would say no.

Each step leads you towards that expression of yourself.

I just want to really emphasize this.

Your purpose is you.

It is in you.

You can find it within yourself now.

Right now, because it’s not outside of you.

It’s not somewhere where you have to go.

It is a state of being –you being purposeful and living from that place from your greatness, that is now.

That happens now.

It may or may just seem like you’re taking steps towards it.

Once the full expression of it, as you see it in your mind’s eye or in your heart has come to fruition, then you may label it.

This is my purpose.

But you’re actually already doing it now and you’re already doing it now and your purpose is already part of you.

You’re already expressing it every single moment of the day simply by being you.

So I would love to just prompt you and just ask you:

What will your life look like?

How do you know that your purpose has manifested?

How do you feel?

What do you see?

What are you thinking in your life?

In that moment when you know the purpose has manifested.

When you know that and we’ve written that down, you become aware around that.

It might be all “I will feel happy”, “I will feel like I’m making a difference” or “I may feel like I’m abundant”.

So, what do all of these things look like?

Some things manifest over time as you’re taking the actual steps.

But the thriving business is not just going to manifest from one day to the next.

It’s going to manifest in the small and big steps that you’re taking that are right in front of you right now.

Where to from here?

If you feel like you want to choose yourself, live your purpose, but you struggle to create momentum, work hard but don’t get anywhere or simply feel disconnected from your authentic expression (hello, comparisonitis) this may be for you…

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