High Vibrational Audio Track with Tunes and Affirmations

What if you could remember who you really are…
What if your very essence was an infinite energy, forever becoming, all-knowing…
What if there was a part of you that lives forever…
…and what if this is who you really are…
you are – the infinite intelligence of all that is.
You, are the creator.
All the answers are within you already.
Now, is the time to realign, reconnect, and rise into your true creator power.
Today I am grateful…
I am grateful that I woke up. I know so many people did not get another day.
I am grateful that I have a body that continues to heal me day after day.
I am so grateful for this beautiful memory that comes to my mind now about a moment in time when I felt joy.
I breathe this feeling in fully. I let it pulse through my body.
A moment when I felt love, deep love, unconditional love – maybe to a pet, a child, or maybe even to yourself.
I let my heart expand and breathe in the feeling of love that is my true nature.
As I remember moments in time, I realize that many more of these moments are in my future.
I let my heart energy expand and travel through time to collect the energy of these moments and with my next inhale I bring them to me here and now.
Holding the inhale.
Letting the energy of gratitude, love, and joy expand in your heart.
Exhale breathing these qualities into your day ahead.
You are so excited for this new day and you remind yourself…
I am safe. The universe always looks out for me.
I am loved. I am part of the one infinite intelligence of the universe that is love.
I am love. I am in harmony with the highest vibrations of love and light, always.
I am a space for love. I hold the vibration of love because I know I create my own reality and no one can create my reality but me.
I am a space of love. I share my true essence with the world and watch miracles magnetize in my presence.
I am bold. Because I remember I am safe and everything happens for me. It has a higher purpose to guide me back to my true self through awareness and experience.
Today, is a really good day.
I can get on board with this day.
I feel more and more excited about the opportunities that await today.
What if today is the day that I get the thing I’ve asked for?
Oh my, how would that feel?
I want to allow myself to feel it now.
I can feel it.
It’s growing in my heart, it’s getting bigger, stronger, its energy is expanding and grows beyond my body, beyond my house, beyond my city, beyond the planet, into the universe.
I can feel it! It is mine.
It’s already done.
I can’t wait to see how it will manifest.
Universe, I’m ready to receive it now.
I get out of the way and allow you to bring everything good to me today.
I can’t wait to co-create with you.
I’m guided.
I listen to my inner voice, no matter how little sense it makes.
I trust.
I have faith.
Everything is within me.
I choose to allow more and more of my power to activate now.
I am pure power.
I am a whole vibe.
I am worthy of receiving.
I am worthy. Period.
I am beautiful inside and out.
I deserve the best.
When it’s good it gets even better and better.
I am ready to rise.
I choose to rise.
I rise higher and higher.
I elevate my energy – now.
inhale. hold it and feel, see, visualize your energy elevate.
Feel your cells vibrating faster.
Feel yourself expand.
It is done. It is done. It is done.
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