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Hi. My name is Sharon Kirstin. I’m the best-selling author of a book called The Answers Within. In this video, I would like to share with you a couple of tips on:

How to increase your motivation.

Because let’s face it, we have this dream and right now, we feel here. Focusing on the distance of where we’re going is not very motivating. ‘Cause we are focusing on how far we need to go in order to get there and to have what we want.

You know, I’m all about shifting perspectives. Just a little bonus gift on shifting your perspective on this, is to not focus on the distance of everything that you need to do in order to get there, to have what you want, but to actually reframe it and just to realize that the path is actually the goal. And I know you’ve heard it before, but what does that even mean?

To me, it didn’t make sense for a really long time. It’s just a phrase that you hear and you’re like, “Yeah. Okay.” But, actually, there is so much truth to it. Once you really understand what it means. Because it’s really about becoming the person who has what you want. And that is the drive and the desire within you that actually makes you want to have what you want.

The truth about your desire.

So, there is a desire in you. This desire is a message from your soul that what you desire is meant for you. And the path to becoming that person, all the obstacles that you need to overcome, the vibration and energy that you need to shift. The mindset that you need to let go of, in order to rise up and to get what you desire. To expand into this bigger version of you that has more, is more, lives more, that is the path. And your rejoices with all these little expansions that you’re taking along the path.

With every yes that you’re saying to expanding your experience, every time you grow and you expand, that’s what your soul is excited about. Your soul is excited about having what you want because you know it as well as I do once you have what you want, you expand more and there is more desire, there is more desire for more life. And that’s good. Because that’s just who you are on a soul level. Your consciousness and you’re part of an ever-expanding universe and that’s why you are ever-expanding as well.

Go Do It!

You’re not greedy. You just want more life. The tree doesn’t stop growing just because it’s really tall already. It keeps growing because there is more potential, more life, and the more you expand, the more you grow in your potential as well. So yes, just go do it. It’s right, okay? That’s a shift in perception that I would really like you to keep in your heart.

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