Order from the Universe Like a Pro – 8 Step Checklist

8 Steps To Reactivate Your Manifesting Mojo and Order from the Universe like a Pro!


Wouldn’t manifesting be so much easier if it worked like 3D world commerce?

You go online, order what you want, get an email confirmation that your order has been received and will be delivered on date xyz.

Ah, a dream come true.

The reality looks different though, right? You’re not sure your order was heard. You keep repeating it, someone’s got to hear it! You doubt, you fear, you’re insecure.

I created a checklist for you that will help you to get back in your manifesting mojo.


  1. Clarity: Did you make a clear request? For instance, more money can also be a cent found on the floor. You will want to be precise.
  2. Asking: Did you stop asking or are you still repeating what you want. If you do, you’re still in the asking phase and you never moved into the receiving stage.
  3. Feeling: Did you identify your underlying desire? Why do you want what you want? When you know this, you can easier tap into the vibration that attracts your desire.
  4. Resistance: Do you feel any resistance to receiving your manifestation? Any underlying beliefs of why it can’t come to you? Feeling ready, worthy, fearful…?
  5. Letting go: Create a gesture or action that symbolized letting go of your request. Forget you asked for it, then your ego can’t get in the way.
  6. Trust: Do you trust that your manifestation is already on its way to you? The best way to show this trust is to live as if. This boost your vibration into the receiving state, because you are already in the frequency of your desire.
  7. Action: Are you following the signs and guidance you receive to co-create your manifestation? Opportunities will present itself, but you’ll have to react on them to manifest your desires.
  8. Proof: Always keep looking for proof that you manifestation is coming to you. This way you also won’t overlook all the signs and guidance you receive to co-create your desired outcome.

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