When I switched from working in the corporate field to working for myself something interesting happened. I got asked by people what I do. That’s not the interesting (or unusual) part.

Interesting was that suddenly my mind went blank! I was bumbling something about coaching and helping women and left people rather confused than interested.


The main problem: I was not prepared to answer this question confidently, while invoking curiosity instead of judgement. 


This was a very different picture than the one I portrayed just months ago when I was working as a Product Director for an online luxury fashion company. I was confident, ready to explain what I do anytime, anywhere. I was trained to pitch for my company.

Another problem was that I didn’t own my purpose yet. I felt like a nut job talking about spirituality and I knew that what I did seemed crazy to many non-purpose driven people.


Today I want to share with you the exact process I created to pin point my business positioning to make a great first impression. Using this outline you’ll be able to make the BEST first impression and convince your ideal clients right on the spot to work with you. 

This comes in handy especially when you’re out networking or posting in Facebook groups!

Working through the cheatsheet will help you:

  • carve out your positioning
  • gain more clarity on your ideal client
  • clarify your unique selling point
  • build an engaging opener to attract new clients


Use this template I created for you to easily work through the content and rock your next introduction: >> DOWNLOAD IT HERE


Also remember:

  1. Confidence is everything: if you’re prepared, it’ll be easy to stay confident and centered.
  2. Be able to pitch your purpose on the spot (as a creative, soulful entrepreneur your purpose and your business are the same)
  3. Check your audience: This is important, especially for more spiritual entrepreneurs. Have a spiritual pitch and a non-spiritual pitch! You don’t want to explain the law of attraction or discuss the existence of angels in the first two sentences. This will just leave your audience confused, thinking you are just another crazy monkey. Targeting your words to your audience adds credibility and persuasiveness. Plus they can get curious about how you do what you do.


Now hop over and open your template, so that you talk like a boss, invoke curiosity and open the gates for new business!

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With love and light

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