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Hi. My name is Sharon Kirstin. I’m the best-selling author of a book called The Answers Within, this week letting you know

How to Stay Motivated!

Here are four tips that I can give you that will keep you motivated, even on a dreadful day, even when you don’t feel inspired, and just a few things that you could implement so that you can keep going, because every day is just another step. Just focus on the next step.

Actually, that’s already a tip in itself. Just focus on the next step. Don’t focus on the big picture. Have your big picture in mind, because you need to have a strategy on how to get there and stay in alignment with that, but don’t let the big thing take away from the small thing that you need to do today in order to build to your big thing. Stay focused on what needs to be done today. Create daily goals and targets and hits that you can reach so that you, first of all, stay motivated and engaged on your path.

Number two, know your why.

Your why of doing this needs to be strong enough and clear enough so that you actually take action. It needs to push you. Maybe your family needs you to have another stream of income, maybe you want to quit that job, maybe you have some health issues that you could solve by doing something different. Maybe you want to see the world, maybe you want to travel. You want to inspire people. Maybe you have a gift with words and you need to express yourself and people need to hear it. Whatever it is, but make it strong enough to pull you.

It needs to pull you towards your vision, it needs to be that powerful and that strong. It cannot be weak, it cannot be, “Oh, it would really be nice to have this. That would be awesome.” This is not going to pull you. It has no drive and no power. It’s like, “Oh my god, my kids are going to starve if I’m not going to get my butt into gear and get this one thing that I need to do today done in the best possible way.” That’s a strong pull. So have your why. Know your why. Sit down right now and write it down. What’s your why for going after your dream?

Then the next thing is, habits.

Make it a habit to do similar things at a similar time. Schedule in your writing first thing in the morning. Every time you wake up, you sit down and you write one hour, and you don’t look at your phone and don’t look at other things. It’s just a non-negotiable. That’s how runners create a habit of running. They put their shoes next to their bed, and every morning they wake up, they don’t even think about am I going to run today? No, it’s like I get up, I get into the shoes, and I start running. That’s how it needs to be.

You cannot let your mind start talking you out of it.

You can let your mind talk you out of taking action, because there is this five-second rule, I forgot who wrote that book and who said this, but if you give your mind five seconds to actually think about whether you should be doing this or not, it is going to find reasons why you shouldn’t be doing it. That’s just how it is. Don’t even think about it.

Create a habit that every day at this time, or every week at this time, you’re going to be doing X, Y, Z, and that’s going to propel you forward on the path to your goals. Just, it needs to be a non-negotiable. You don’t even think about it. Just like taking a shower or brushing your teeth. You don’t really think about am I going to brush my teeth this morning? No, you just do it. There is no mental effort. There’s no energy that goes into discussing whether you’re going to do it or not. It just happens.

Then the next thing is mind chatter.

I mean, I already touched upon this, right? Just don’t listen. Don’t listen. If you’ve watched another video of mine where I talk about this, like your mind will always find things and reasons why it’s not safe for you to stretch and to go out of your comfort zone. That’s what you need to expect, and that is what’s going to happen, but it’s your choice if you listen to the mind chatter.

What I would recommend for you is to just detach from the mind chatter, because the mind is going to chatter, chatter, chatter on like crazy, and none of it will actually have substance or reason. It just wants to keep you safe in your comfort zone, but your dream … I mean, you know this … is outside your comfort zone, so as long as you stay in your comfort zone and you listen to the mind chatter, you’re never going to get to your dream. That’s not going to happen ever.

Just go for it!

I just want you to realize that, because mind chatter is going to happen inside this little safety zone or outside, but actually outside the comfort zone is going to be way more fun, and you’re going to learn that the mind chatter is really just chatter. It’s not real. It’s not the truth. Whatever reasons you come up with in your mind on why you can’t do it, or why it’s not safe, or why you’re fearful, or why whatsoever, it’s all not real. It’s not real.

As soon as you step outside of your comfort zone and actually stretch yourself, that’s when you realize that it’s not real at all, that you can actually take action with all this mind chatter going on anyways. So take action no matter what’s going on in your mind. No matter what it tells you, just take action.

This is key.

And number four, maybe it’s even number five, man, I don’t know. You tell me. Focus, and that is really about no distraction. Sitting down and doing something doesn’t mean checking your Instagram every two minutes if there is a new post or a new like on your picture. Just keep yourself undistracted and focus on the task at hand.

Give yourself a certain amount of time to finish this task. Let’s say an hour. You’re going to write for an hour, and you’re going to be committed to this. You can check your phone as much as want to after that one hour, but during that hour, nobody comes in the room, you’re undisturbed. You’re not checking your phone. You’re disturbing yourself when you’re checking your phone, so stay committed, stay focused. It takes you a lot of time to get back into focus once you’ve shifted your focus away from a task, so give yourself the gift of focus.

These are my tips for you on how to overcome procrastination today. Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think. Was this helpful? Do you have any other questions about this? What else would you like me to talk about? Leave a comment, subscribe to the channel, and I’m looking forward to seeing you next week.