As a creative entrepreneur your business thrives on your output. The content you deliver is what your followers love and what pays your bills. But it’s not only the content you sell –  you also write for your blog, you make videos, you manage your Facebook profile and so on… Your business thrives as you deliver output.

But did you ever find it hard to concentrate or to ‘get in the zone’? One day you are very productive and the other day none of your projects seem to progress. While there is a natural fluctuation, I do believe that we are not victims of our environment. Let’s find solutions!

What if you had a super easy scientifically proven support tool, than can boost your creativity and productivity anytime you like to keep you ‘in the zone’ longer or even let you get in there faster?


I used to beat myself up on those days when I didn’t achieve the targets I set myself, when I was tired and thus lacked focus. I think this is very common amongst entrepreneurs, because we are present in so many areas of our business – content, marketing, taxes, customer service, strategy, business development, sponsorships, speaking, networking…the list is long!

Today I want to introduce you to a tool that will help you:

  • get faster focus and stay focused longer on your chosen activity
  • induce relaxation a lot faster
  • help you manifest your goals faster


The trick is: Brainwave Entrainment

I’ll try to explain as well as I can (yep, not a neuroscientist) and I believe neuroscience is not done revealing all the mysteries just yet.
So, brain waves are neural oscillations.

“Neural oscillation is rhythmic or repetitive neural activity in the central nervous system. Neural tissue can generate oscillatory activity in many ways, driven either by mechanisms within individual neurons or by interactions between neurons. {…} Oscillatory activity in groups of neurons generally arises from feedback connections between the neurons that result in the synchronization of their firing patterns. The interaction between neurons can give rise to oscillations at a different frequency than the firing frequency of individual neurons. A well-known example of macroscopic neural oscillations is alpha activity.” (Wikipedia)


So, we understand that the neurons in our brain can fire individually or they can synchronize in groups building a certain firing pattern, building waves.
Okay, so the single firing of neurons is quite chaotic and the groups of neurons firing together build nice synchronized activity.

Great, now that we know (on a basic level) how brain waves work, let’s see how we can use this knowledge. We will utilize a natural phenomenon called the frequency following response (FFR).

Wikipedia explains it this way: “Frequency following response (FFR), also referred to as Frequency Following Potential (FFP), is an evoked potential generated by periodic or nearly-periodic auditory stimuli.[1][2] Part of the auditory brainstem response (ABR), the FFR reflects sustained neural activity integrated over a population of neural elements: “the brainstem response…can be divided into transient and sustained portions, namely the onset response and the frequency-following response (FFR)”.[3] It is often phase-locked to the individual cycles of the stimulus waveform and/or the envelope of the periodic stimuli.”


So, now we’ve established that we can send auditory signals to our brain and it will match these signals and create a certain firing pattern – the specific brainwaves we have chose to signal.

Now the rubber hits the road:

Certain mental states (concentration, relaxation, etc.) are associated with the production of specific brainwave frequencies. This is why we can use the auditory stimulus to change our brain to support us rather than inhibit our growth.

Beta Waves
Frequency: 13 – 30 Hz
Presence: during an active wakeful state, engaged in cognitive tasks in contact with the ‘outside’ world
Benefits: Attention, processing data from the environment, focused mental activity, decision  making

Alpha Waves
Frequency: 8 -13 Hz
Presence: predominantly present during wakeful relaxation with closed eyes
Benefits: Relaxation, Visualization, Concentration, Productivity, Creativity
—> Check out my channeled Creativity Meditation with alpha brainwave entrainment here

Theta Waves
Frequency: 4-8 Hz
Presence: during waking up and falling asleep, the half-awake/half-asleep state, your mind is somewhat active while the body is asleep
Benefits: accessing the subconscious mind, reprogramming the mind

Delta Waves
Frequency: 0-4 Hz
Presence: during deep sleep (NREM – non-rapid eye-movement state of sleep)
Benefits: restoration, relaxation



Knowing how brainwave entrainment influences your brain patterns helps you to choose the ones you need most for our current activity:

  • Raise your productivity by listening to music with alpha brainwave entrainment and get your stuff done!
  • Use alpha also for visualizing your desired future more easily and thus manifesting it more rapidly.
  • Use theta waves to reprogram your brain and get rid of old thought patterns.
  • Use delta to fall asleep and restore.

Use this creativity meditation with alpha waves to jump-start your creativity and stay focused. After 10 mins it’s alpha wave music only: Take me to the ‘Access Your Creativity Meditation’
People who have used it, for example, came up with new optin and engagement ideas for their tribe within minutes! It depends on your intention for the meditation.

Now, I’d like to hear from you! Let me know how you use brain wave entrainment or whether you just tried it and loved it?

With love,

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