[Ritual] Release old Energies on Full Moon


The qualities of the full moon are unique and exciting. This cosmic event lets our emotions surface and with that the doors for deep transformation are opened. The full moon this week on the 23rd is special – it’s partnered with a lunar eclipse. This gives the unconscious parts of us an additional boost and we may be faced with truths about us that we would rather not want to see. Yes, we humans love turning a blind eye to the unpleasant.
But the good news: once the unconscious beliefs and behaviors are acknowledged, they lose their power and they can be transmuted back to love and light.

Let’s use this magical time of transformation to let aspects of your old self go, so that you can step into a more powerful you.

Step 1: Create a sacred space

Have a quiet environment, be undisturbed, light one or more candles and put on some relaxing music. If you like that you can begin with a short meditation or breath work.

Step 2: Write a letter
Begin by saying ‘Dear universe, god, higher power, spirit.. (whatever name you use)’ and keep writing you letter always remembering that you are talking to the universal consciousness. The infinite wisdom that you are part of. Write down everything that you’d like to release and why. Speak as if you were speaking to friend. Pour your heart out on paper. Your last sentence will be ‘Thank you universe (or similar name) for taking all this from me in the easiest, most pleasant and fastest ways possible. I’m ready to let all this go. I herewith make room for new, more positive and productive beliefs, behaviors and experiences in my life. And so it is. Your sincere thanks and your signature”

Step 3: Let it go
I really love to burn these letters. Fire cleanses and erases the words that you’ve written, transmuting them into smoke that is symbolically carried up to spirit for release. This is best done outside under the full moon light.

Step 4: Follow intuitive guidance
Trust that what you’ve written down in the letter is taken from you and look for signs and guidance that points you in new directions. You can always ask for guidance from your angels and spirit guides and don’t forget to take action based on the ideas, signs and feelings they send you. This will speed up your transformation rapidly.

Now I’d like to hear from you: Share your full moon experiences with us and comment below. What was your most transformative full moon?

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