How to See Proof of Your Manifestation Arriving

How to See Proof of Your Manifestation Arriving

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Did you ever set a goal and you felt positive and comfortable that you’ll achieve it. You’re taking it step by step. Accepting where you are at on your journey now.

Being grateful for all you have.
Looking for proof that it’s all coming together.

And then…you see someone on Facebook, who offers exactly what you want to offer. They are this shining light and they’re successful at what they do.

The devil and angels pop up on your shoulder and whisper:

Devil: Yeah, I’ll never be as successful as she is. I don’t have the know-how, charisma or reach that she has. Gosh, I hate that I love her branding. If she offers this, why would anybody need me? Maybe I need to do something entirely different.

Angel: Oh, I absolutely adore her and I’m glad that she’s so successful. This means it’s achievable and doable. Let me check out her offer and maybe I can get some useful inspiration for my offer. This is a sign that I’m on the right track and when I stay focused I’ll achieve my goals!

What happens on an energetic level:

Devil-Scenario: Your vibration lowers and you feel heavy and drained. You stop resonating with your goal and dream. You interpret what you see as proof that your manifestation is not going to show up. You are pushing it away.

Angel-Scenario: Your vibration increases. You feel even more aligned to your manifestation and have just gotten proof that it’s on its way to you. You use what you see as a stepping stone to attract your dream.

What you can do to get out of the manifesting funk:

Shift your perspective and adopt a positive mindset. Don’t play the victim as described in the devil scenario and start believing that the Universe is working FOR you, not AGAINST you. All it takes is your intention and focus on a positive outcome.

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