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Hi. My name is Sharon Kirstin. I’m the best-selling author of a book called The Answers Within.

Your Soul’s Desire

Your soul has this desire and drive to expand, to experience more, to live more, to be more. It wants to keep progressing. It wants to move through life and say, “Yes to this, and yes to this. Let me get this experience, and let me try this. This resonates, I want more of that.” You can only find out what resonates and feels good if you try it.

Every time you take a risk, you evolve. Your soul evolves. Your soul expands into more. Every time your life evolved, changed, or got better in some way, you had to take a risk. Maybe quitting your job and getting a new one. Maybe falling in love with someone and trusting that person. You had to trust and have faith that this is going to work out somehow. You had to have vision beyond what’s currently happening in your life and trust that it is right for you.

Your Comfort Zone

For you to leave that comfort zone, you need to be comfortable with the discomfort and the stretching of not knowing the outcome of your current efforts. You know what? The human experience is exactly, did I just do this? Exactly about that, it’s not about having it all figured out, not at all. It’s not about living in perfection, you’re never going to be perfect, trust me. No one will. It’s about enjoying the path of creation that leads us into further and further expansion of our soul. That’s what it’s really about.

Your heart’s desire is an indicator of what’s meant for you. Your heart’s desire is an indicator of what’s meant for you, it’s how your soul communicates with you. It’s how your soul knows where to stretch, in which direction to go because it wants to experience all it can experience. That’s why it has planted this dream inside of you.

The Action Process

Your dream is meant to pull you, to motivate you, and to push you into action, it’s not because you need to have that dream, you need to possess it or have it. It’s about becoming that person, that energy that attracts it and that is in that vibration of having it. Jim Rohn said, “It’s not about the goal in itself that you’re achieving, it’s about the person you’re becoming, the process.” That is the real gift, stretching yourself, and becoming the person who you are meant to be because in that state of existence you can attract anything whenever you want because you’ve mastered yourself. You’ve mastered discipline, you’ve mastered vision, and goals, and desire. You know how to create from nothing, from one single idea, one thought. You create from that. That’s true power.

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