Do you ever get tasks that are new to you and you think – how am I ever going to get a hold of this, understand it and deliver something use- and meaningful?

If you are an entrepreneur you know this situation all too well, because all the time you get confronted with new software tools, marketing, finances and so on. Every single day we need to learn something new in order to stay up to date in this fast paced world.

That is why in today’s blog I would like to share an unconventional tip with you on how to stay on top of the game in any situation. You can apply this to new skills or if you want to advance your skills even further.

Call on deceased masters to support you, your words and actions. 

Yes, you heard right. I don’t mean you to bust out your iPhone 6 plus though (I am guessing you have one) and start dialing. Let me explain. All beings on this planet currently alive or already gone into the light are ever present. Knowledge can never be lost. It is in fact available to us, if we choose to.
Strangely enough most of us never use this source of wisdom. Let’s change that for good!

Here is a step by step guide:

  1. What: Think of one situation you would like support with. Let’s say you are preparing a kick-ass speech.
  2. State of Mind: You would like to be calm, convincing, humorous, empowered, a true role-model.
  3. Goal: You would like to do an amazing job, leaving people inspired, enlightened, motivated and feeling good about themselves.
  4. Who: Ask yourself or do some Google research – who is that type of speaker that has the energy, wisdom and power to support you to deliver exactly that speech that you would like to give?
  5. Ask: Close your eyes and picture this master in front of you. Get personal, explain what you would like to achieve, where your biggest blocks are and where you hope to get help.
  6. Open up: Be open to receive guidance by noticing your feelings, thoughts and repetitive signs that may come to you from other people. This is where many fail. Trusting guidance that has a soft voice and works through intuitive feelings needs some practice. Try it now if you have never tried before!
  7. Connect: Now, when preparing your speech, writing the outline and when up on that stage ask this master to support you, be with you, have your back, give you the right words, energy and power that is to the highest good of yourself, your listeners and all beings involved. This is important because you are not doing this out of selfish reasons in order to be awesome, but in order to spread a message that is important to you and you know it will benefit those around you. Your goal is to share it in a way that your listeners can best digest it.
    Once you ask, feel how this support is given to you and how your back is supported. Let yourself be guided and TRUST.
  8. Thank: Never forget to thank the master for the support. They won’t be mad, but it’s just polite – wouldn’t you thank someone for support in the visible realm?

Are you loving the thought already? You should give it a try.
When can you use this method? Anytime!

Some ideas what you can use it for:

  • speaking in front of people (us yogis use this method all the time and call upon the masters that have come before us)
  • writing an exam, thesis or Ph.D.
  • giving a speech
  • work meetings
  • pep talks with your employees
  • educating your dog
  • learning new exercises or a new sport
    the list is limitless!

Now I would like to hear from you:
What do you think of this unconventional idea? What will you use it for? Did you try something like this before? How did it work for you? What are your tips on mastering new challenges in your life?

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts!
With love

Sharon Kirstin