The Magic of Surrender

Has the manifestation process felt hard and draining for you?

When I taught my online course Mind Makeover live (which teaches about repatterning your beliefs to be a match for your manifestations) I realized my members hit a point where they felt there is so much to do and consider.

Of course, when you learn something for the first time it can seem overwhelming (just remember when you learned driving a car for the first time).

After a while, it becomes second nature.

But it also reminded me of an important lesson I wanted to pass on to them: The Magic of Surrender

The Art and Science of Manifesting is seemingly full of contradictions:

You need to want it but you need to be okay with never receiving it, is one of them.

Today’s episode is all about understanding the magic of surrender so that you can receive what is truly aligned for you in the best possible way.

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Much love to you!


Hi, my beauties, I felt inspired to hop on because the other day, I shared a post in a Facebook group. So many people replied and said how useful and helpful it was. I thought, well, maybe I’ll just jump on and make a little video about it.

But here’s the thought…

It’s something that’s so deeply misunderstood in the manifesting community.

I’m a huge believer that we keep understanding things. We keep understanding things at a higher level.

We’re never done understanding and we’ve never fully gotten it because there’s always another level to our evolution.

So here’s what I want to talk about, surrender versus action.

The magic of surrender

Surrender is not a thing. Surrender means giving up.

As always, it is really about the energetics of the word and the meaning that you give it.

What surrender means to you might be something completely different to someone else.

So basically, a lot of people either say: “Okay, if you surrender, you’ve given up and you can’t manifest what you desire,” or “It’s just not a thing. It’s not a thing in the manifesting process”.

What is the antonym to surrender? The antonym actually is victory or fight.

So if we’re basically not allowing the concept of surrender, if we are actually thinking that’s not a thing, here’s what I want to show to you.

If we do not surrender our manifestations, what we do is we effort, we force, we work a lot.

I hear so many people tell me, manifesting what I want is so much work, it takes so much data.

If we actually come from our narrow-minded human self, and from our limited energy that we have in this human persona, it is a lot of effort.

We draw upon will and just very limited forces.

As you know, manifesting is really all about working with the universal laws and the universal forces.

When we actually do not surrender our manifestation, we need to force, we need to effort, and we need to fight in order to receive what it is that we want.

Ultimately, that is the opposite of surrender.

In the beginning, this is really a process of understanding manifesting and learning about manifesting.

It has been an ongoing process of deepening my understanding of manifestation.

Not like one magical moment where suddenly everything made sense.

It’s a journey and it’s an expansion with anything that we do, may it be manifestation or anything else.

When we force and we do not surrender, then we draw upon our own strength, human strength, human mind, and human will power to manifest the things that we desire in our life.

When we do that, what often happens is that we get off target, we actually make choices from our belief systems from what we see around us that we think we want as well.

Now, when we actually tap into the magic of surrender, what do we do?

The magic of surrender means that we acknowledge that there is a force that is much more powerful than anything.

There is a universal force that we are tapped into and we are connected to that is flowing through us.

When we align with that, we surrender to that force and we flow with that force.

Then we’re tapping into limitless possibilities and limitless manifestations with ease, grace, and flow.

We’re not making it happen. We’re letting it happen.

Do all the actions, and do all the things that we got to do in order to receive it.

So we’re going to think from that place and take action from that place.

But still, we got to surrender the outcome, if the outcome doesn’t happen in the timeframe that we wanted it to or if the outcome never happens, we need to keep the faith that actually everything is working out for us.

And that maybe that just wasn’t it and there is something else that’s aligning for us or maybe we needed to desire that one thing so that whole new universe opens up for us.

Surrender really means that you allow yourself to tap into that universal energy, lifeforce, universal force of energy to manifest for you, through you, with you, what is it aligned for you at this moment in time.

That’s when you access a thing called a flow that everybody keeps talking about.

Everybody wants flow.

They want it, but at the same time, they’re just forcing their manifestations and they want to whittle them into existence.

But some things maybe aren’t meant for you.

And if you had them, they wouldn’t serve you.

That really comes down to allowing a bird’s eye perspective of your life.

If your soul was really looking at you, from a place outside of time and space, overseeing all of your lifetimes and exactly knowing where you are at this moment in time.

From that wise perspective, all-knowing, all being, all everything, know exactly whether what you think you want right now is actually aligned for you.

That’s the magic of surrender.

Where to from here?

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