So, last Friday was a powerful day to manifest and of course I used it big time. Let me tell you what happened next.

The rise
I sat down on Friday morning and took a really long time to write a letter to me from my future self about all aspects of my life that are important to me. With every chapter I wrote, I put down the pen and felt how I will feel once I have it. How does it feel to be that person I want to be? How does it feel to have what I desire? I got some nice insights and new ways of seeing from my future self. So I spent a high vibe day and I was so enthusiastic about what is coming – in other words –  what is already within me and only needs to find expression in the physical world.

The fall
Then on Saturday – boom! The bomb hit me. A shadow appeared and shook my emotions to the core. (A shadow is a limiting belief, a fear, anything that is holding us back from the pure light that we can be.) Yes, I felt inadequate, incapable and helpless. This happens to all of us. We are human and this is how we grow. Even the most developed spiritual teachers have episodes like this, because there is always more room to grow.

The question is: How long do you stay in your misery and do you let it rule your life? Do you identify with the illusion of fear and pain?

So I spent the whole Sunday clearing myself. I used energy work, meditations, affirmations and taking good care of myself in order to get back into my groove.

Did a bomb drop on you, too?

Why it is a good sign
When we commit to our path fully these situations will arise inevitably. Why? Once we truly ask and get ready to receive what we desire, everything that is not aligned to our new reality will have to leave. The desire to grow and to step into our authentic truth, our power, lets shadows rise to the surface. They want and need to be seen so that we can let them go.  Once we let them go, we can step forward freely. There is no light without darkness. The more light you shed on your darkness the more it will reveal itself. This might be painful at times, but it is so necessary for us to grow.

So, don’t worry if you had a though time over the weekend or maybe still have now. You got clear on what you want and the universe is delivering. It means you are right on track! It is the confirmation you seek, to know that you are changing your life towards what you desire. On Friday thousands, maybe millions, of people used the magical energy to manifest their desires. This was powerful and strong. I am sure it does enable fast outcomes for many of us.

Honor your growth
Ask yourself: What surfaced in the past days that shook you up? What topic does it relate to? A false belief? A deep rooted fear? You not owning your power? Money worries? Relationships? Self-Love?This is important now and always. Whenever a harsh emotion or topic rises to the surface. Don’t hide and run. Let it be there and let it go. See where you chose the disempowered path and correct it right away.

Now I’d like to hear from you!
What happened in the past days for you? Are you already seeing how your life changes so that you can welcome your desires? Leave a comment below and share the inspiration.

Much love
Sharon Kirstin

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