Why Your Thoughts Create Your Destiny


Did you hear all the buzz about “Your thoughts shape your reality”?
Everybody talks about how we must not worry, we must make mental hygiene a priority to build our best life.
But did you ever get a clear explanation why? I mean, isn’t it much easier to commit to a new habit when you understand WHY?

Watch this week’s episode and understand how your thoughts ultimately create your reality.


What we’ve learned is:

  1. ¬†Your thoughts do not stand alone. Your thoughts create a reaction in your body, which is called: an emotion. Emotions are very powerful, as they determine what we attract. That’s manifestation 101.
  2. Your thoughts create actions, your actions create habits, your habits create your character, your character creates your destiny. This is a simple causality and will always come to pass.

Can you see how it is so important that you start at understanding your thoughts and start reprogramming them so that you can live your best life?
If you’re not yet where you’d like to be (and I’m pretty sure you have high standards and are a life long learner), then it’s time to go to the core – your thoughts.

Watch the video above for a more in depth explanation.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Share what you believe and how changing your thoughts has changed your reality in the past. Or maybe you have a question? I’ll reply to your comments below!

Sending much love!