Channeled Message: Your Potential

This week I am guided to share a channeled message with you. It is directly from heaven and I hope it will touch you as deeply as it touched me. It goes deep into the core of who you are and how you are held in the omnipresent love of Spirit.

Here it is:

“All there is to know is in a drop. A drop is everything and nothing. It is never-ending and never-beginning. It is flawless. It is flexible. It is never lost. It cannot be lost because it always returns to where it originated from. It’s law. It’s the universal truth.
You are that drop. You are never-beginning and never-ending. You are flawless. You are imperishable. You are never lost. You are part of the whole. And so it is, always.
Child, know that you are ever-connected. No matter how lonesome you feel. As long as there is existence (and there always will be), you will be a unique, important part of the whole.

Without you, existence would be incomplete. Without you there is no balance, no growth, no harmony. Yes, you are THAT important. You are the creation of Spirit (God, Consciousness, Existence, whatever you choose to call it). Who are you to judge the perfection he puts forth? Know that you are created perfectly.
Your body is perfect for living the purpose of your life. This life. And so are your gifts. Your mind. Your experiences. Your family. Your beliefs.
Make peace with the world and with yourself. See the divine perfection in the supposed imperfect. You are not here to judge. You are here to create and to use your power, your gifts, the best way you can today. Tomorrow. Until your soul’s promises for this life are fulfilled. All lessons learned. And you change form again, moving on to your soul’s next adventure.
Look beyond the physical and feel. Connect to the divinity of your soul. Live a life guided by your soul’s purpose and enjoy the important part you contribute. All my love.”

I would love for you to go about your day today and feel connected to all that surrounds you, knowing in your heart, mind and body that YOU are an important piece of the whole and without you the universe would be out of balance. Connect to the impact you are making, and can choose to make going further through your life. You are powerful beyond measure. You are a part of the whole and every single piece is a representation of the overall power. Every single piece is divine and created equally.

I am divine.
I contribute peace and harmony to this world.
I dedicate my thoughts to peace and harmony.
I surrender this thought to peace and harmony.

Now, I would love to hear from. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. What are your perceptions and experiences? Maybe you received a similar message at some point?

Sending much love your way
Sharon Kirstin

Photo Credit: Shutterstock