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Master Your Energy. Master Your Life.™
The universe is made up of 99.9% energy and only 0.1% matter. You’re part of the universe so you’re energy as well. Your energetic signature attracts people and experiences like a magnet. The most powerful way to create change is to adjust your energy so that you are a match to your dreams. I help you change your energy so you can BE the grand version of you in all areas of your life.

My Mission

Ready to quit the hustle and struggle? I help you create your best life through inner alignment with your true self and teach you how to use the powerful laws of the universe to reach your goals faster.

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Little Secrets

I love science-fiction movies, cuddles from my dog Mojo and uncovering the mysteries of life.
I've traveled to 21 countries. I always won 1st prize as a child. I called hotels in Beijing from a phone booth (remember those?) with pre-paid phone cards night after night until I secured my Management Traineeship in college. I played the piano for 7 years when I was young. I wrote my book "The Answers Within" in 2 weeks straight. I'm a guacamole and acai bowl aficionado. And lately I'm crazy inspired by the art of tantra.

Sharon Kirstin

– Bestselling Author. Healer. Quantum Success Coach. Spiritual Guide.

Sharon always won first prize – think TVs and huge stuffed animals – whatever raffle she participated in as a child which dubbed her as having the “midas touch” by her family. Many years later she hasn’t lost her manifesting mojo, in fact, she has refined it into an art. She helps her 80,000k + audience to reconnect back to their inner superpowers so that they can design a life that sets their soul on fire.

Sharon is a Certified Master Coach, NLP and ThetaHealing® Practitioner that has reached a certain level of energy mastery where she has created her own tools and practices of a high frequency. Born in Germany, she has traveled to over 53 countries including the USA, Bali, Mexico and Spain visiting high vibrational places and now calls Australia her home. The only sad thing about that for her is that she misses her dog Mojo who had to stay in Germany for now. (He’s well taken care of).

Sharon has always had a nag for the impossible, and so she wrote her bestselling book “The Answers Within” in 2 weeks straight in 2017. It hit the bestseller rank on Amazon in the first few days of it’s release andkeeps getting fantastic ratings each month, standing at 4.7 stars out of a 5 star rating system.

However, before Sharon could live her purpose driven life of travelling around the world, manifesting her dreams and changing lives she had to first transform her own life. She originally took the traditional route: She helped build the most successful e-commerce startup in Europe ranking #5 in The Wall Street Journal’s “Billion Dollar Startup Club.” 

Sharon felt at the peak of her corporate career having reached the “corporate dream” of having a reputable title, a seat at the table, a sought-after position and a six-figure income by age 31. Still, she couldn’t shake that inner knowing that something was missing. While on the outside she looked successful she was hiding an addiction that made her feel weak and like an imposter in her own life. Driven by the pain of inner conflict and a deep yearning for more, she asked herself, “Is this it?!”

In search for answers and a desire to reconnect with her soul, she attended a Yoga Teacher Training and was blessed with an out-of-body experience sitting in the pristine Himalayan mountains. She received the message, “You created this life, you can create differently.” This moment radically shifted her perspective on life and inspired her to start her own business in the year 2015.

Now she’s on a mission to share her innovative expertise on how you can transform your life and business from within. Sharon took inspired action over and over which has led to her becoming the influential expert in the field of mindset, manifestation, and purpose that she is today.

Her success has led to several interviews on German television (Astro TV) as well as articles published in acclaimed international media such as, the Huffington Post and prominent online magazines like The Daily Guru and and Sivana East. In 2018 she made the cover of ‘Her Story Matters Magazine’ which ended up being a 6 page spread where she shared the steps that women can make to manifest their deepest desires.

Sharon has impacted the lives of thousands of people via her private coaching and online courses such as Design Your Life, Self-Love Alchemy, The Heart of Money, and The Manifestation Map.

Some Key Facts and Stats Include:

  • Instagram page: over 59.000 followers
  • Youtube Channel: over 60.000 video views
  • Amazon Book Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars
  • Insight Timer Meditations: over 13.000 plays and average of 4.8/5 star rating
  • 30K+ Monthly unique visits on her website.
  • 5489 views on the Forbes article “6 Steps To Finding Your Life Purpose By Looking For The Answers Within”

In 2020 Sharon see’s herself helping hundreds of thousands of women to create time and money freedom while walking their path of self-actualization by stepping up her Media appearances and Speaking gigs. ‘I believe that money and spirituality go hand in hand and I can’t wait to help more women to reconnect with their soul energy, step back into their feminine power, and make an authentic impact by building their business and life from the inside out’.

When you transform your inner world, your outer world changes. Sharon teaches you how to release barriers to your greatness, redesign your energy blueprint and harness the innate power of the universal laws to manifest your dreams. This unlocks a state of flow where you align with limitless energy and your next level of fulfillment, abundance, and impact.

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