"Is this all there is to life?"

Imagine you're making a nice six-figure income in a fast-paced career. Of course you do, you're ambitious, a go-getter. You roll in the glory and prestige of having made it in the corporate world. Your family looks to you as the definition of success and strength. They're proud of you and the respected person you've become.

But something is off.

The truth is - you're tired of the hustle. Tired of traveling for work. Tired of giving your energy, health and creativity to a job that doesn't inspire you. Tired of being the image of strength for others and tired of faking that you love your life.

Is the hustle, hamster wheel and long hours all there is to life?

You're ready to throw in the towel and retreat into solitude in a cave in the Himalayas or a coconut ranch on some remote island. (pretty sure, coconut ranches don't exist...hm, anyway)

But really, you can't.

If you do, the money will stop coming in. The lifestyle you worked so hard for will poof into thin air faster than a genie who has just granted you three wishes.

Sounds more like a trap to me.

A trap that's been sold to you by the media and society. They put a pretty bow on it, smiling faces in the picture and the promise that possessions and achievements will make you happy.

All this life does is keep you busy enough to not notice that you're not truly happy...

I get it

I had all I ever wanted: a six-figure job with a fancy director title for a stylish fashion company in the hip city-center of Berlin. 
I had "made it."

What looked like pure gold on a resume felt like stone-cold metal in my soul. I kept wondering "Why am I not happy? Is this all? I’m expected to do this for the next 40 years?”

All the shiny things and crossed-off goals crystalized one insight: No object would ever fill the emptiness I felt inside. On the outside I was a tough business woman who knew what she wanted and how to get it. On the inside I felt broken, lost and addictions were wrecking havoc on my soul.

I longed for more meaning, true abundance and to make a bigger impact in other people’s lives.

But it wasn't until my spiritual awakening that I understood what my soul's true purpose was.

In an out-of-body experience I received a simple insight from Spirit that would change the trajectory of my life forever...

You created this life. You can create differently.

And re-create I did.

I've built a lifestyle that I love with every fibre of my being, that fulfills my soul and that gives me true freedom and abundance.

I’ll be honest. It hasn’t been “easy” per se.

I was scared of committing "corporate suicide", doubted my abilities, undercharged my worth, invested a lot of money in training and coaches (over 60K to be exact) and held myself back with an army of limiting beliefs.

It wasn’t until I fully accepted my purpose and learned to stand in my full power (and uniqueness) that I was able to serve my clients in the biggest possible way. And with this I was FINALLY able to create the lifestyle, abundance and impact I desired.

The penny dropped and I knew that my life purpose will always support and carry me into a grand life, IF I let it.

I accepted that my playing small doesn’t serve anybody.

The only route available (because there was no going back to the life-sucking nine-to-five) was to surrender to my purpose and fully own who I was meant to be.

Now I run a thriving coaching business that has (almost) substituted my corporate income by now, travel the world and help other women create grand lifestyles and purposeful businesses that change the world.

It doesn’t get better than that if you ask me.

Here's the thing...

…I’d like you to understand about my success.

I’m not special.

Yes, I’m a clairvoyant and read my clients energy field.
Yes, I see their essence, true expression and grand purpose.
Yes, I open myself up to let healing energies flow to my clients.
Yes, I have great experience in e-commerce, design and usability from my corporate career.

BUT…here’s the truth.

I simply know how to use my gifts to serve in the biggest way possible so that I maximize the value I provide to my clients.

And they love investing at my rates because when I show up in my greatness I allow them to step into their greatest expression, purpose and life as well. They outcomes are exponentially more POWERFUL than when I was still doubting myself.

It’s truly a win-win.

So if you feel like...

...you may not have a grand purpose - rest assured, you DO. (Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Trust me.)

...you may not have what it takes to make great money - you do. (Your soul’s essence is the state of pure abundance. We’ll clear off the dust.)

...you can’t see yourself making a big impact (yet), then I’m here to tell you: you are meant to make a difference in the lives of others.

Come on, you know all these things.

Even if it’s in some distant corner of your subconscious. You WANT all these things, that’s why they WILL be yours, IF you claim them.

Once you shift through the doubt and fear and implement a proven approach to building a online coaching and/or service-based business your work will become FUN again.

You’ll finally be able to enjoy the freedom, meaning and abundance you dream of.

Hi, I’m Sharon Kirstin

Author of Amazon Bestselling Book “The Answers Within – A Guide to Igniting Your Spiritual Powers & Finding Your Soul’s True Purpose“. I’m a transformational coach, clairvoyant, energy master and spiritual mentor.

I have two business degrees (German and American Universities), three life coaching certificates, a yoga teacher certification, am a Spirit Junkie Masterclass alumni, blog for the Huffington Post and am dog-mama to a cute fur ball called Mojo. (He asked to be mentioned.)

My Privilege

I’ve been privileged to have my thriving coaching business rooted in my soul’s true purpose for over 2 years now.

The best part about it?

I get to help my clients change their lives, facilitate rapid breakthroughs and get to be the “secret ingredient” in the creation of successful business that impact the world.

I simply love empowering leaders to step into their grand life. Check out the amazing praise I receive from my clients.

Raise the Bar

This is what's possible for you too!
Success Stories

Fia Flow's Catharsis

“When I first started coaching with Sharon I had business goals that weren’t my own and I felt completely overwhelmed. We were able to dissect all foreign influences from my system and reset my mindset to reflect my true desires and goals.”

“Now I feel free and excited that I’m finally following my own authentic goals and not what others expect of me. What I’ve learned about business gives me the confidence to present myself as the expert in my field. I now make important decisions with clarity and ease. I know that I can manifest anything I want. The universe has my back.”

The experience:
“Working with Sharon was the most delightful part: I never felt judged, but instead lovingly supported on my journey, no matter what popped up. She supported me in all promised areas and guided me safely through my spiritual awakening. Now I am proud of who and what I am!

– Fia Flow

Cristiano's Breath of Life

“When I found Sharon I had reached an all-time low in my life. In a short timeframe I had lost my soulmate and job. I was in deep pain and reached a point where I just gave up. There was no point in getting up one more time.”

“Her transformational coaching helped me remove the debris of the demolition of my life and helped me reconnect with my higher self and spiritual power quickly. In a short time I felt empowered with a renewed sense of possibility and purpose. I hadn’t felt this energized and inspired in decades.”

The experience:
“I had tried different coaching, therapy and psychics in search for solutions for a long time, but the help didn’t shift my energy like the work with Sharon did. Sharon’s kind, soothing, loving, psychic and psychological energy helped me bring to light the truths I was ignoring and the lies I was hiding from myself. My pain was transformed and opened doors to an empowered new life where I’m purposefully and passionately using my strengths.”

– Cristiano Alves

Ivonne's Abundance

“I knew I didn’t live the life I wanted for myself, but also wasn’t quite ready to take the leap and start my own business. I didn’t feel good enough, capable enough and I had big issues around money.”

“Yet, within a couple of weeks I went from believing that I don’t deserve money, to fully clearing my debt. That I am free from all the worries within such a short period of time feels like magic to me!”

The experience:
“Sharon helped me identify and release my fears and limiting beliefs. The best gift I ever gave to myself, was hiring her as my Coach. Not only did I learn so much valuable content, but her spiritual gifts made our work less painful and I could realize what’s most important in all I do: to love.

– Ivonne Rill

Ina's Authentic Truth

“Life and business seemed like a minefield that made me scared to take even the tiniest step in any direction. In business, I was struggling with a general lack of clients and money and emotional stress whenever I had work. In life I didn’t know who I was or what I truly wanted. Overall it felt, as if I was keeping myself from moving forward. Past trauma had kept me in an emotionally frozen state for so long.“

“It’s thanks to Sharon and her energy clearings that the real me has finally been set free. I found my why and my authentic business idea. I’m finally free of my fears and limiting beliefs that kept me from fully expressing myself and my creativity, from fully and joyfully living my life and from being successful in my career.“

The experience:
“Sharon is always upbeat, positive and charming while being focused and cutting right to the chase. I loved the high-vibrational energy she radiates. She’s definitely the real deal!  You have to be open to get guidance from Spirit and ready to look deep inside yourself. If you do – it’s the best investment ever for your business and overall life!“

– Ina E.

Ann's Income Increase of 100%

“When I first reached out to Sharon I was afraid of not making enough money.”  

“Only 5 months later I have increased my income by 100%!”

The experience:
“Sharon has a powerful healing gift and her coaching advice is always on-point. She was able to see and heal my wounds and give me clear guidance on my next best steps in my personal and professional transformation. I tapped into a new level of confidence and self-worth which in turn up leveled my whole life. She is awesome, cool, very intuitive and professional.”

– Ann Young

The GRAND Life

Private Coaching
with Sharon Kirstin

Your dreams can come true.

You just don't know how to get there. Yet!

In The Grand Life Coaching Package You Will:

  • Uncover your life’s true purpose and how you can leverage your strengths to make a huge impact in the world
  • Plan out your vision of your grand life and backwards engineer the action steps to get there
  • Attract clients you adore and who will see massive results form working with you
  • Unlock your intuition so you take confident decisions in your life and business
  • Find your voice and grand message that will resonate with your audience and create a following of raving fans
  • Position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche
  • Create an irresistible, high-impact coaching or service-based offer that your clients can’t live without
  • Strengthen your wealth consciousness and confidently charge your worth
  • Build your sales funnel and start bringing in dream clients while you sleep
  • Learn how to create deep, meaningful relationships with your tribe so they will want to hire you (instead of feeling salesy and pushy)
  • Overcome any mindset, self-sabotage or self-worth patterns that keep you from the success and abundance you desire
  • Bring in consistent high income months, while working less than in your nine-to-five
  • Create your version of a grand life - live on your own terms!

Want me as your Coach?

Private Coaching Package includes:

Weekly 45 Minute Sessions (via Skype or Phone)

Email Support during our time together

Exclusive, In-depth Welcome Package

Exclusive, Interactive Workbooks

BONUS: Access to all my transformational courses & meditations

My coaching is different - I use my spiritual gifts to read and facilitate transmutation of your energy which enables rapid shifts in mindset and emotional patterns. I combine this with hands-on business knowledge so you can take confident action towards more impact, purpose and profit.

Your Investment


3-Month Package
€3500 save €1000 (pay in full)
  • + 19% VAT for German residents
  • 12 x 45 minute sessions (via Skype or phone)
  • Email Support from Sharon
  • Exclusive, in-depth Welcome Pack
  • Exclusive, fillable PDF Workbooks (when applicable)
  • BONUS: All my transformational online courses & meditations
  • Payment plans available
Apply Now
Apply Now

NOTE: Crunching numbers to calculate the investment per session?
Say hello to your ego for me. :) It moves you directly to lack mentality so it doesn’t have to face real change. Very predictable.
So, let me make it more clear what you will and won’t get.


  • You’re NOT investing in a certain amount of time spent with me.
  • This is NOT a low-impact “let’s talk about your problems and get no results”-type of coaching. You will do inside and outside work to create the business and lifestyle you desire.


  • You’re investing in the RESULT that I will help you achieve and the ENERGY I will make available so you can heal and transform on a cellular and energetic level.
  • The energy transfer you receive in every session and throughout our coaching time (because I hold space for your transformation) makes this experience so potent.

I only take on a limited number of clients each month

Please apply for your spot and book a free discovery call.
Due to the intensity of the work and because I honor the process of each of my clients, I highly limit the amount of clients I take on per month.

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