Live from your authentic self

You’ve come a long way. You’ve spent a lot of time and energy to understand yourself and your purpose on this planet.

You’ve probably tried it all - meditation, yoga, energy healing, spiritual retreats, personal growth - but you don’t feel any different.

You know you’re a soul in a body.

Yet you still don’t know how to live in alignment with your soul and attract the abundance of the universe.

I imagine you’ve also rolled in some of the glory and prestige of having made it. Your family looks to you as the definition of success and strength. They're proud of you and the respected person you've become. Of course, you’re ambitious, a go-getter.

But something is off.

The truth is - you're tired of the hustle. Tired of giving your energy, health and creativity to a lifestyle that doesn't inspire you. Tired of being the image of strength for others and tired of faking that you love your life.

Is this all there is to life?

Is the hustle, hamster wheel lifestyle and the inner knowing that you’re not fully aligned with who you are all you can expect of life?

On the inside, you feel pain.

Despite of all the achievements, you feel disconnected from your true potential. You feel this strong pull toward more in life, but you don’t know which way to go.

There are too many options.

One thing is clear: You can’t stand this inner tug of war any longer. Either you’ll throw in the towel and give in to the draining lifestyle OR you’ll finally understand what’s pulling you and how you can decipher this mysterious calling within you.

I felt it too

I had all I ever wanted: a six-figure job with a fancy director title for a stylish fashion company. I had "made it."

In fact, I built and lead the Web & Mobile Usability department for one of the world’s most successful startups ranking #5 in The Wall Street Journal’s “Billion Dollar Startup Club” 2014.

But what looked like pure gold on a resume felt like stone-cold metal in my soul. All the possessions and achievements crystalized one insight: No object would ever soothe the pain and longing within me.

I couldn't help but wonder: "Why am I not happy? This can't be all there is to life, can it?”

I sat in meditation far up in the Himalayan mountains, when everything turned silent and I felt pulled out of my body. In this peaceful state I heard the message:

"You created this life. You can create differently."

You and me, we are creators of our experience. Each one of our choices either leads us closer to or further away from expressing our true soul's essence.

Create from Your Soul

Why and How it Works


Your soul has a very specific blueprint. It holds specific information about your soul’s origins, your divine gifts and your lifetimes.

This is the information you’ve been longing to know. What is your authentic expression? What are your gifts? How do you make choices aligned with your soul’s desires?

When you realign with this authentic expression your life starts to flow and you start creating abundance with ease.

The overwhelm from all the possible choices dissipates because what is right for you on a soul level is very specific.


We’ve usually lived many lifetimes in which we pick up blocks through disempowering choice.

These energetic blocks cause us to recreate certain types of behaviors, experiences and relationships over the span of many lifetimes. It’s like an energetic program that our soul carries.

Unless cleared, the program keeps running in the background and we create more of what we don’t want.

This can lead to various expressions: confusion, lack of energy, doubt, disempowerment, helplessness and many other types of blocks that keep you locked in a lifestyle that feels like a trap.

Once these blocks and restrictions are cleared you’ll be able to draw on more vital force energy and feel energized to make new, empowered choices based on your soul essence and into an abundant and fulfilling lifestyle.


Energy clearing is not a magic bullet. Just because the energy of a pattern is cleared doesn’t mean that it’s all done. You are born a creator and you have free will choices.

If you keep making the same disempowering choices that you’ve made before, you’ll keep acting in misalignment with your essence. You’ll be back where you started in no time.

You’ll need to act outside of your comfort zone and make empowered new choices. I get it though, change can be hard.

I’ll support you through our coaching sessions. We’ll brainstorm an action plan and I’ll keep you accountable on your path to your dream lifestyle.

Time to Recreate?

I listened to my inner voice. I recreated my life.

I’ll be honest. It hasn’t been “easy” per se. I was scared of committing "corporate suicide", doubted my abilities, undercharged my worth, invested a lot of money in training and coaches and held myself back with an army of limiting beliefs.

I have...
...created a whole new identity for myself. I've turned my values, beliefs and life around to reflect my authentic truth. It's a "biggie" to change who you are, but it's often necessary.

...reattuned to my spiritual power and awakened powerful psychic gifts that help me serve my clients with crystal clear insights

...I even healed addictions and deep rooted pain that I had carried all my life

It wasn’t until I fully accepted my soul's true essence and learned to stand in its full power that I was able to break free from the prison of disempowering choice.

Nothing feels like it! And it want you to experience what it feels like to live, act and give from your full expression as well.

Hi, I’m Sharon Kirstin

Bestselling Author of “The Answers Within“, have been interviewed on TV, Forbes and write for online media sites like Huffington Post. My message to the world is Master Your Energy. Master Your Life. ™ because I’ve seen it working with my clients: your energy is the #1 influence on the quality of your choices.

I’m also a Spirit Junkie Masterclass alumni, a certified Master Angel Life Coach® (3 levels), a certified advanced Theta Healing® Practitioner and a certified yoga teacher. I also have have two business degrees from German and American Universities.

My Privilege

I help my clients find their purpose based on their soul’s authentic blueprint and master their energy to act as powerful creators by making new empowered choices.

I guide them through their spiritual awakenings and bust them open to their true potential. I enjoy teaching about the science of manifesting and how to reprogram yourself into a new identity.

Raise the Bar

Spiritual & Personal Power Success Stories

Fia Flow's Catharsis

“When I first started coaching with Sharon I had business goals that weren’t my own and I felt completely overwhelmed. We were able to dissect all foreign influences from my system and reset my mindset to reflect my true desires and goals.”

“Now I feel free and excited that I’m finally following my own authentic goals and not what others expect of me. What I’ve learned about business gives me the confidence to present myself as the expert in my field. I now make important decisions with clarity and ease. I know that I can manifest anything I want. The universe has my back.”

The experience:
“Working with Sharon was the most delightful part: I never felt judged, but instead lovingly supported on my journey, no matter what popped up. She supported me in all promised areas and guided me safely through my spiritual awakening. Now I am proud of who and what I am!

– Fia Flow

Cristiano's Breath of Life

“When I found Sharon I had reached an all-time low in my life. In a short timeframe I had lost my soulmate and job. I was in deep pain and reached a point where I just gave up. There was no point in getting up one more time.”

“Her transformational coaching helped me remove the debris of the demolition of my life and helped me reconnect with my higher self and spiritual power quickly. In a short time I felt empowered with a renewed sense of possibility and purpose. I hadn’t felt this energized and inspired in decades.”

The experience:
“I had tried different coaching, therapy and psychics in search for solutions for a long time, but the help didn’t shift my energy like the work with Sharon did. Sharon’s kind, soothing, loving, psychic and psychological energy helped me bring to light the truths I was ignoring and the lies I was hiding from myself. My pain was transformed and opened doors to an empowered new life where I’m purposefully and passionately using my strengths.”

– Cristiano Alves

Ivonne's Abundance

“I knew I didn’t live the life I wanted for myself, but also wasn’t quite ready to take the leap and start my own business. I didn’t feel good enough, capable enough and I had big issues around money.”

“Yet, within a couple of weeks I went from believing that I don’t deserve money, to fully clearing my debt. That I am free from all the worries within such a short period of time feels like magic to me!”

The experience:
“Sharon helped me identify and release my fears and limiting beliefs. The best gift I ever gave to myself, was hiring her as my Coach. Not only did I learn so much valuable content, but her spiritual gifts made our work less painful and I could realize what’s most important in all I do: to love.

– Ivonne Rill

Ina's Authentic Truth

“Life and business seemed like a minefield that made me scared to take even the tiniest step in any direction. In business, I was struggling with a general lack of clients and money and emotional stress whenever I had work. In life I didn’t know who I was or what I truly wanted. Overall it felt, as if I was keeping myself from moving forward. Past trauma had kept me in an emotionally frozen state for so long.“

“It’s thanks to Sharon and her energy clearings that the real me has finally been set free. I found my why and my authentic business idea. I’m finally free of my fears and limiting beliefs that kept me from fully expressing myself and my creativity, from fully and joyfully living my life and from being successful in my career.“

The experience:
“Sharon is always upbeat, positive and charming while being focused and cutting right to the chase. I loved the high-vibrational energy she radiates. She’s definitely the real deal!  You have to be open to get guidance from Spirit and ready to look deep inside yourself. If you do – it’s the best investment ever for your business and overall life!“

– Ina E.

Ann's Upleveling in Life & Business

“When I first reached out to Sharon I was afraid of not making enough money.”  

“Only 3 months later I have increased my income by 57%!”

The experience:
“Sharon has a powerful healing gift and her coaching advice is always on-point. She was able to see and heal my wounds and give me clear guidance on my next best steps in my personal and professional transformation. I tapped into a new level of confidence and self-worth which in turn up leveled my whole life. She is awesome, cool, very intuitive and professional.”

– Ann Young

Private Coaching

with Sharon Kirstin

Your Private Coaching Experience:

  • Get your personal soul blueprint reading  so you learn about your unique divine gifts and how to best use them to manifest your desires
  • Use this reading as your guiding star for alignment and abundance in all areas of your life
  • Clear any blocks and restrictions at soul and energy level that are currently keeping you stuck in old patterns
  • Become conscious of the patterns you've been perpetrating so you can take responsibility and make new choices
  • Create your new identity aligned with your soul blueprint so that it becomes easy to make new choices congruent with your desired outcomes
  • Tune into the vision and purpose of your best life and backwards engineer the vibration and action steps to manifest your fullest expression
  • Unlock your intuition so you are guided and confident in your new direction
  • Attract abundance by aligning with your soul's blueprint and be supported on your path
  • Overcome any mindset, self-sabotage or self-worth patterns that are currently keeping you stuck
  • Create your version of a grand life - live on your own terms!

Want me as your Coach?

10-Week Private Coaching Program includes:

Personal Soul Blueprint Reading & Clearing

First, we want to know who you are at soul level and understand your soul's true essence. We will understand how your soul longs to express itself and what your divine gifts are. This gives you tremendous clarity and power to manifest with precision! We also clear any blocks to your authentic expression so that you are free to make new choices and create forward momentum toward your desires. This soul work will center you back into the essence of who you are so that you are no longer needy for outside approval. The answers are all within you!

1 x 90 Minute Intensive (via Skype or Phone)

We begin our time together with an intensive. This is the basis of our work together. I present your Soul Blueprint to you, we clear all blocks in your energy field that are ready to be released and uncover the new empowering choices that will lead you to reaching your goals and dreams.

9 x 45 Minute Sessions (via Skype or Phone)

Weekly sessions to keep up your momentum of empowering choices, as well as, keep you accountable for taking decisive action. Sessions are redeemable up to 4 months after coaching start.

Email Support during our time together

Get quick feedback and direction from me via email during the whole period of our coaching work.

Exclusive, In-depth Welcome Package

A beneficial tool for both of us. You will find your own answers, direction and insights by working through this package. I, in turn, study your goals, dreams and aspirations before we start coaching together to truly understand who you'd like to become and to receive guidance from spirit that will further support your process.

BONUS: Access to all my transformational courses & meditations

My courses and meditations will support you on your transformational path to uphold your energy and focus, as well as, improve your manifestation skills.

$197 (60 minutes)

I only take on a limited number of clients each month

Please book an Introductory Strategy Session first, so that we can get to know each other.
Due to the intensity of the work and because I honor the process of each of my clients, I limit the amount of clients I take on per month.