Talent vs. Skill – What’s the difference?



If you find yourself unsure of what a talent or a skill is:
Talent = A ability you are born with and are naturally good at without much practice.
Skill = The practice you continue to put into crafting your talent to be excellent.


How to identify your talent:
Many of my clients have a hard time owning their talents or gifts and charging money for them. They think “If it’s so easy for me, it must be easy for everybody! So, it’s not worth much.” But the opposite is true! Your talents are valuable to many out there, because it’s likely they aren’t as good as it as you are.


Why get skillful at your talents?

1. Purpose:
Your biggest talents support your purpose. Write them down, see what you love, how you can develop further skills in your talents and how you can use these to fulfill your purpose and bring a whole new level of meaning to your life.

2. Greatness:
When you live your greatness, your most authentic highest personal expression, you receive the gift of happiness. You’ll feel more aligned to what truly matters in your life. You don’t have to be perfect, just get on the path to getting to be all that you can be. No more resentments over untaken chances. Just do it.

3. Service:
If you’ve been blessed with a talent (and I’m sure you are), I believe that it’s a gift that calls to be shared with the world. When you live your truth and express your talents, you get to touch and uplift the lives of others. Music, poetry, art, humor, healing, inspiration, motivation, etc. are all a way of being an inspiration and serving others to follow your lead in becoming a beacon of light, happiness and joy.

What are your talents? What can you do to get more skillful? How can you use your talent to uplift others? Comment below and spark the conversation!


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