3 Simple Productivity Boosters to Uplift your Business

3 Simple Productivity Boosters to Uplift your Business

When I started my business I was often overworked and stressed out. I had so much to do and no leveraged structure on how to get through that pile of tasks without losing my sanity. Today I’d like to share my best 3 most simple tips about how I brought structure and progress into my online business.

#1: Focus
Humans are simply not good at switching context. A short distraction from our task at hand takes us 20 minutes to get back into a concentrated, productive zone. Eliminate all distractions online or offline and give yourself the space to focus on what you’re creating.
Quick tips: Only open Facebook on pre-set times (and with a goal), tell your family or colleagues you don’t want to be disturbed during the next x hours, turn off notifications on your laptop and cellphone (even a short look at an interesting subject line will distract your focus).

#2: Set certain themes for your weekdays
I try to batch my todos. I have chosen particular days during my week for discovery calls, client calls, content creation, social media. It’s all in my calendar and I know when I’ll focus on these tasks.  I figured out how much time I need to spend on certain tasks and when I’ll take care of them.
The good news: I’m much more relaxed the rest of the time and I don’t feel like I’m behind in my task fulfillment anymore. Also I’m more efficient because I minimized switching context and I don’t waste time figuring out what’s important.

#3: Block time in your calendar
I have made scheduling certain times for my tasks a habit. If it’s in my calendar, I know I’m going to do it. I have recurring tasks like creating content for this weekly episode, but I also have varying tasks for projects. I schedule my tasks in my calendar one week before, others even go so far and do it for two weeks straight. I like to be a bit more flexible though.


Which one (or all of them?) would you like to give a try? I’m sure applying these tips will make a big difference in your business as well. Share in the comments below. I  love hearing from you!

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