5 Tips on How to Stop Resisting your Manifestations

5 Tips on How to Receive your Manifestations

Asking for what you want is not that hard. Silently or out loud say what you want. Write it down, sing it, do it in whichever way you like. This is not the tricky part of manifesting. The tricky part is receiving what you’ve asked for.

Here are 5 tips that will help you become a master manifestor:

Tip #1: Stop asking
Move from the asking stage to the receiving stage. Many get stuck in an asking loop. If you keep asking, you can not receive. It’s basically you saying “I don’t trust that it is already coming to me, so I’m going to ask again.”

Tip #2: Forget about it
The best thing you can do is to ask and then be in complete trust it will come to you. What happens when we trust so deeply and completely? We no longer try to control the outcome. We give the responsibility to the higher powers and trust that it is done. If you forget what you exactly you’ve asked for you’re not standing in the way of it coming to you.

Tip #3: Feel as if
I realize that often we can’t forget what we want to manifest. For example when you are manifest a successful product launch you will have to act daily aligned to your desired outcome. So my best tip for you to rapidly attract what you desire is to feel as if it’s already in your life. How will you feel once you’ve a successful launch? Relaxed, excited, wealthy? Actively tune into these feelings as often as you can and let them become part of your energy.

Tip #4: Resistance
This is a biggie and take some reflection and (often) transformation. You need to feel ready, worthy and open to receiving your desired outcome. Worries or doubts will build a barrier to your desires.

Tip #5: Transformation
If you’re manifesting a new life or big dreams often you’ll have to vibrate at a new frequency. Your current vibration – the electromagnetic signal that you’re sending out to the universal field around you – attracts more of what you have. If you’d like to have something different, then you’ll have to become a new you. The person who already vibrates at the frequency of your desires and therefore attracts them. That’s why I suggest you start off with something small and understand how manifesting works for you. Then with practice move on to something bigger.

What are your best tips to practice receiving? Share them in the comments below!

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