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Hi. My name is Sharon Kirstin. I’m the best-selling author of a book called The Answers Within and in this video, I would like to answer a question from one of my wonderful followers. She said, ‘Tell me how to stay positive when faced with challenge’. Like she said, I know the contrast is there to teach me, but sometimes I tell myself, just being happy isn’t enough.

Shifting Perspective

So if you’ve been following me for some time, you know, I’m all about shifting the perspective on life. Shifting the perspective on yourself, what you believe about yourself, changing your inner world so that your outer world changes as well.

Here’s my advice to you because we all know it all starts within, and it comes to us from the outside, so, here are my three tips for you.

Number one.

This could be a little controversial, and it may not be suitable for everybody. But, I’ll tell you, it actually works for me. So my tip for you is to actually … and every Abraham Hick’s follower is going to laugh now … drill yourself in that negative emotion. Go all out. Seriously. Just viff and just be negative and just go into victim mode, and go all in.

And I’m telling you why this works for me. Again, it may not work for everybody. This may not be the best solution for everybody. But it works for me because I have the consciousness and the mindset that I know I’m not a victim. I know I create my reality. So whenever I go into something that is not aligned with my soul and I have these words in conversations with myself, I feel the negativity in my body, and I can feel that I’m misaligned. So I have that consciousness, and I know that what I’m doing right now, is a complete mis-alignment with my soul, because my soul doesn’t believe it’s true. My soul knows this is not who I am and it’s not the truth.

Self Pity

But we’re human and sometimes we just get stuck in the motions, and we pity ourselves. Seriously. I do it. Everybody does it. It’s okay. The question is just how long do you stay in it? And if you have the tools to get yourself out of there. If you stay in self pity for 10 years, seriously, that’s too long, okay. Just five minutes may be too long, but as soon as you can yourself out of it, and sometimes it’s faster, sometimes it’s slower, it’s like every process is okay. Just work on it and know that you can get yourself out of it.

So here’s the tip. Drill yourself into it fully and completely until you’re so fed up with that talk, that you snap out of it. And that you actually take action in a new direction. And, this is for me the logic of…have you ever had a friend that keeps telling you the same drama over and over again and you give them your best advice. You tell them what to do, and you’re so clear on, this is the solution for the problem, that you’ve been telling me.

Self Pity Cont’d

And then you meet them again a week later, they’re still telling you the same story. You feel like you’re having the same conversation again with them that you had a week ago. And you meet them a month later, same conversation. A year later and they just stay in this, they keep telling the same story.

And at some point you’re just so fed up, you’re like, let’s not talk about this ever again because I’ve given you the same advice over and over again. You’re just not taking action on it and I’m tired of hearing about it. And that’s kind of the principle that goes for me here.

For me it happens in minutes, but I get so fed up with that internal dialogue, and listening to this internal dialogue. It actually makes me sick. I feel sick to my stomach listening to it because it feels so wrong to my soul, and know it’s so mis-aligned. And I get sick from it and it basically pushes me into action. So try that out. Sometimes it just doesn’t work to think positive thoughts, so try that out.

Better Feeling Thoughts

So number 2 is Abraham Hick style. And you know Abraham Hick says, ‘Find a better feeling thought’. So don’t jump from, ‘I feel miserable and I feel stuck and I can’t think positive right now’, to ‘I’m the most positive person in the world’. That’s not going to work. So Abraham Hick says, find a better feeling thought in that moment.

And in that moment where you feel stuck and you feel negative, maybe you’re thinking, I can’t do this. And you start shifting your perspective a little bit on it and you’re like, you know what, maybe I can do it. There is a possibility that I could do it. So maybe if I take just one single step today, then maybe the steps tomorrow are going to be easier. So, what step could I take today. You kind of talk yourself out of it.

To be honest, this works and I see how it works from shifting your inner vibration into sometimes a little bit more neutral. Because in the end, what we want, is we want to get back to neutral first. And then go into positive. Because you can’t jump from one extreme of a vibration to the other extreme immediately. We want to go into neutral first.

So, that’s why I honor this excercise from moving your vibration to neutral and then building momentum into the positive. Sometimes it may not work. That’s why I’m giving you three tips. Because the mind chatter is going on and you’re basically using your mind in order to make your mind less chattering. And sometimes you’re fighting fire with fire and it just doesn’t work. It can work, but I’m just giving you the options.

Take Action

So number three, and this one I love. Is to realize that whenever the word ‘challenge’, or feeling of resistance or reaction is at play, you’re acting from a neo limbic brain. And your neo limbic brain is the part that’s on auto pilot. And this is the one that we love to use because it makes our life so sweetly efficient. You know, it’s that part of our brain that lets us know how to walk every time we get up. We don’t have to learn how to walk every time we get up from a chair. This is the part of the brain that, you know, has all the information stored on how to drive a car, and you don’t have to learn how to drive a car every time you do it.

So there’s all this information and all these patterns and programs that help us master our every day life with minimum effort and super efficient. So perfect. It’s awesome. It has all these programs and patterns stored, all the information in all the file cabinets basically. And whenever a similar situation arises, it goes back to our past experiences and it’s like, look, this is a similar situation, you can draw from this pattern, and use this pattern to navigate this situation.

Never Reactive Action

Now the only problem is, is that it is reactive and it never ever makes good decisions. It leads to bad decision making because all it does is look at what has been, and projects that into the future, saying, the future cannot changed from what has already been.

But if we are consciously creating our life and we want new results, and maybe we’re even manifestos, we know that we don’t want that old stuff. We want new stuff. We want new experiences right? So, how do we do it? How do we get there?

Thought Power

Well we don’t get there from the neo limbic part of our brain. What we need to use is our pre-frontal brain. And that is the part of our brain that makes us human. Our pre-frontal brain is huge compared to other species. So this is what makes us special. We have the ability to be creative and to adapt to new situations. This is the part of our brain that helps us to see beyond what has been, into the currently impossible.

Isn’t this exciting? This is the part of our brain that helps us in creating our dreams. Helps us see our dreams, visualize our dreams. See them vividly in color. To connect with them on an emotional level, because we can already see them in our mind. And it can give us all the details and information and opportunities, and creative solutions to reach our goals and dreams.

Your Secret Weapon

So I’m telling you this because this is the secret weapon that you can use, with the consciousness of how your brain works and how you can use it efficiently. You can basically move your consciousness from neo limbic to pre-frontal. And know that you have that in you. You have the possibility in you to create and adapt to new situations. And you know that whenever you’re reacting, you’re fearful and you see something as a challenge, it’s only that part of your brain that tries to tell you, you can’t do it. It’s not been done before, so that means we’re going to project that in the future, and not let that happen.

But when you’re conscious of it, you can choose that other part of your brain, the pre-frontal brain and let it help you guide to new creative solutions.

So if you love this, share it with your friends, and leave a comment below and tell me what was your biggest take away from this video.

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